Stash Bash a Teen Dance at the Exeter Community Library

Submitted Tony Senick, left, and Sam Stratton, right, show off their staches at the Exeter Community Library.
Kaitlyn Kerr showing off her 'stash tattoo.

The Exeter Community Library hosted a mustache-theme party for teens Friday, April 25.

The ‘Stash Bash invited teens ages thirteen to fourteen. There was a live DJ, pizza, and door prizes for the students to win.

Prizes were won through a teen movie challenge, where students had to come up with the titles of 20 films just by seeing a picture from each. Participants also had a chance to win door prizes by guessing the name and artist of popular songs, after just hearing a clip of each. All of the participants had lots of fun trying to guess in these competitions.

The mustache theme was lot of fun, students were given adhesive mustaches they could wear, or water transfer tattoo mustaches. There were chocolate lollipop mustaches, mustache plates, mustache balloons, and mustache goodie bags.


Throughout the night students danced and had lots of fun. There were teens from all over Berks County and each made many new friends. It was a great night for hard working students to have fun with friends after a hard week at school.

“I had a great time dancing and meeting new people that I never would have known otherwise. If and when they have another dance, I’ll definitely be there,” Miranda Enck said.

It was a very successful event and all of the participants seemed to be rooting for another dance soon. “It was lots of fun, and it seemed like we all wanted to have another one in the summer,” student Kelsey Delozier said.