First Baptist Church, Pottstown, to celebrate Pentecost

First Baptist Church, King and Charlotte Streets, Pottstown, is again focusing on the third great holiday of the Christian year that is often forgotten: Pentecost (read the second chapter of Acts for the biblical story).

Since Easter, FBCers have been celebrating and honoring this holiday by daily tasks such as group prayer meets, picking up litter, recontacting a friend, going out to dinner together and purging our closets of unneeded “stuff” we “hoard” which needs to be given away or sold at our Flea Market on Saturday, June 7, from 7 a.m. - 1 p.m. Space is going quickly but a few spaces are still available in our Charlotte Street parking lot. Held rain or shine (if rain, indoors). We will also have a White Elephant table available for those who wish to donate items to the “Refurbishing The Ark” campaign of repointing the beautiful stonework and restoring the gorgeous stainglass windows!

Former homeless people who have found housing via the Cluster’s efforts, may stop by between 12:30 - 1:00 p.m. to take whatever remaining/unsold items for free that they want from the FBC table at no charge. If you know someone in need, please let them know!

Then on Sunday, June 8, we will have (in church) service at 10 a.m., wear RED to symbolize the wind and fire symbols of the Spirit. We will then gather by the river at Riverfront Park, College Drive (park in the PECO lot) at 5 p.m. for our annual bonfire. Bring a chair and share in the songs, cake & personal baptism renewals (no one is getting into the river, we’ll have a symbolic container of water that you can stand by the river and renew your faith yourself).


Paper will be provided there or you can pre-write something negative in your life; they will be collected & tossed in the fire. This will help rid ourselves of the impact negative thoughts & actions have in our lives. Friends, family and strangers all are welcome to join us in celebration of Pentecost! All are welcome, really.

Submitted by Natalie Rogers