Letter to the Editor: Also a concerned resident of Perry Township

Dear Editor;

I read the Letter to the Editor in [the July 9 issue of the] Hamburg Item, and Iím also a concerned resident of Perry Township.

Iím 20 years old and live with my single mom and my brother. Iíve been going to the Perry Township Supervisors meetings about these projects being proposed on the Perry Golf Course and the Esther Ludwig property. I work for a landscaping company and enjoy my job, problem is, itís seasonal and work gets slow over the winter. If these projects were completed, maybe my boss could pick up more landscaping jobs and maybe I could have steadier work.

Also, this project is supposed to create 600 job. That would help my brother get a good job so we could help our mom with her finances. According to what I was told, with these projects, new jobs would be created paying $15-$20 per hour. A lot of people my age only have part-time jobs paying minimum wage. This would help them and a lot of other people to have better jobs and more opportunities.

I donít understand these township supervisors with them fighting against this. Yes, it will create more traffic for some, but there are a lot of people like me and older living in the area that donít have a decent job to support themselves and their families.


How would you like to live with that day in and day out?

Also, I donít think these supervisors care about people like us or maybe they donít understand. They have good jobs at the township or they own their own businesses, and in some cases, I think they have conflicting selfish interests.

The other thing I donít understand is this lawsuit. The township lost, why do they keep fighting this? It seems to me this lawyer the township hired isnít honest because she also represents another property owner who will benefit if she and the township win this lawsuit.

Well I took enough of your time. It would be a big help getting this message out by printing this in your newspaper if you find it worthwhile. Thanks for listening.


Steve Buckley Jr., resident of Shoemakersville