Small Beginnings: A dream is a wish your heart makes? I surely hope not!

Lisa Schappell
Lisa Schappell

I am baffled by my own dreams. I know some folks claim to never dream or at least never remember their dreams but that is not me. I am a fairly frequent dreamer although as I have aged, I am either dreaming less often or remembering the details less clearly. Nonetheless, I continue to have vivid dreams that linger after I awake. These dreams often leave me shaking my head in confusion saying “Where in the world did that come from?”

Last night for instance I had a dream about getting my haircut. Not so unusual perhaps on the surface, especially since I have considered getting a haircut before our family vacation. But that trip is not till September and I have had less than a fleeting thought (at least while awake) about getting a haircut, so it’s not like I have been deeply absorbed in this idea lately. I guess I assume that the subject matter of my dreams should be related to something heavily on my mind during the day, but this seldom seems to be the case.

At any rate in my dream last evening, I was with a random group of people all heading to the hair salon for a trim. There were other adults as well as children, all of them strangers to me as I reflect back, but in the dream, I knew them. Apparently we had created this plan to all go together to the same salon for our respective hair styles. Curiously, when we arrived there and while we sat in the waiting room, (think doctor’s office feel, instead of hair salon) a lady called out from the back to summon someone for their appointment. When I looked to see who it was, I was surprised to discover that it was a distant relative of mine, long passed on. In the dream I bounced up from my seat and ran over to give him a big emotional hug before he went into the room for his haircut. Odd little twist there don’t you think?

I sat back down and as it neared my turn to be summoned, I began to realize that I was uncertain about how I wanted my hair to be cut, so I asked if they had any hairstyle books to look through. Besides, I like looking at those books even when I know I just want a trim! So I was given access to the shop area where all the stylists were busy and I just moseyed around checking out all the books. Strangely, I never did find any hairstyle books, they were all either old hymnals or real estate catalogs. OK, so what does that mean? But it gets better….


I finally sat down to watch one of the kids in my group getting his hair done and I was informed that our whole group had been selected to try out the latest technology in haircutting. Basically, we didn’t have a choice in the matter, so I would be next. This nifty new gizmo required the client (soon to be me) to get strapped horizontally onto what looked like a barbecue skewer, while they programmed a hairstyle into the computer. This machine was then attached to your head and it trimmed your hair according to the program uploaded while you were rotated back and forth (think CNC machine for haircuts). Umm, I don’t think so!

I sat there in the dream watching this little kid get his haircut and trying to figure out how I could escape my appointment! That was pretty much when I woke up. This sort of basic scenario with a bizarre twist can kind of sum up the history of most of the dreams I have ever had. There have been a few dreams where situations were realistic and they had the potential of coming true, but those are few and far between. Most of the dreams I wind up with are a cross between Disney movies and Sci-fi thrillers. Very odd combos indeed. And the worst part is, when I remember them, I recall every painstaking detail because that is how I dream them. It drives my husband crazy! He doesn’t mind listening to the retelling of the dream, he just wants me to get to the point. Sadly, there seriously IS no point to these crazy dreams of mine!