Sunflowers bloom at Please Wash Me carwash in Elverson

Rick Frey, owner of the Please Wash Me carwash in Elverson, stands in the sunflower field planted next to his carwash. The public are invited pick flowers at no charge.
Sunflower field planted next to Please Wash Me carwash in Elverson is open to the public to pick flowers at no charge.

Sunflowers are blooming at a carwash in Elverson.

“We’ve planted an acre of sunflowers for the last six years,” said Rick Frey, owner of Please Wash Me Carwash, 1 Yingst Drive. “We first started doing it because once the corn grows in the field, the carwash becomes invisible, so we tried to draw some attention to the carwash with sunflowers.”

“The response was tremendous,” said Frey. “Now we just do it for the people.”

Open to the public free of charge, Frey said, “It’s not for profit, I don’t want anybody coming here and cutting them to take to a flea market to sell them.”


Many have asked how they can contribute. Frey asks people to donate to the Twin Valley Food Pantry, donate directly at the pantry or at the carwash.

Frey said people come to take pictures with their family, people come to cut flowers, wedding photos have been taken there and the sunflowers have been used in people’s weddings, and one person painted them.

“It’s just another open space for them to come to, something different for them to do.”

He doesn’t do it by himself.

Two Elverson farmers contribute. Gary Stoltzfus preps the field and David Mast plants the sunflowers every year.

“Without those two, it wouldn’t happen, I can’t do this by myself,” said Frey.

The carwash owner likes to see the sunflower photos people post on their facebook page, Frey encourages everyone who picks the sunflowers or takes photos with the sunflowers to share their photos on their facebook page.

“Everybody does something different and they’re always beautiful,” he said, noting that the sunflower field serves as a great backdrop for photos. “It’s a very unique opportunity.”

Frey hopes to draw new people to the sunflower field and hopes while they stop by that they use the carwash services.

“I hope they walk away happy. I hope they say, ‘Wow, that was really neat. This is something I never got to do before,’” said Frey. “I hope they want to come back next year. We’ll do it again next year.”

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