Township rehashes allowing alcohol at park

Residents of Exeter Township may have another shot to drink alcohol in the park.

Exeter Board of Supervisors are once again considering the option to allow consumption of alcohol at the township’s Trout Run Sports Pavilion.

The issue was originally presented for all the parks, as well as the Dunn Community Center, back in February of this year. The request was brought to the board by Parks and Recreation Director Joe Seltzer, which did not pass.

“This is something we did discuss for all the parks (about half a year ago),” Supervisor Ken Smith said. “At Dunn Community Center it would probably be inappropriate there. There are a lot of groups that do want to come in.”


During their Monday, Aug. 25 meeting, the board approved that an amendment to allow alcohol at Trout Run be drafted by Township Solicitor Andrew Bellwoar for their approval at a later date.

Police Chief Christopher Neidert provided his opinion regarding possible concerns.

“I think the bigger issue is being concerned with civic liability. Any time there is a DUI related fatal crash, they’re going back to who was serving the alcohol and where was it being served,” Chief Neidert said.

“[We will] take it on a case by case basis,” Seltzer said. “It’s being done at Muhlenberg, it’s being done at Spring Township. It’s not like this is something new. They allow alcohol at one or two of their parks.”

Seltzer reiterated that both townships that have a policy in place have not seen any problems related to the alcohol consumption.

“They haven’t had any incidents...reported in the amount of time they’ve had it in place, not to say that it couldn’t happen, of course it could happen,” Seltzer said.

Trout Run Sports Pavilion is located at 950 W. Neversink Rd., Reading.