Amity awards new recycling contract

The Amity Township Board of Supervisors unanimously awarded the township’s three-year recycling collection and transportation bid to Eagle Disposal, of East Earl, Lancaster County.

Township Manager Troy Bingaman said Eagle’s bid of $457,864 will save the township $700.

“It is financially responsible to save the township money,” said Supervisor Terry L. Jones.

The contract is effective Jan. 2.


The single-stream recycling collection will continue to be every Wednesday.

When the collection day is a holiday, collection will occur the next business day.

The processing and marketing contract was awarded to J. P. Mascaro & Sons, Birdsboro, based upon their rebate to the township of $6.25 per ton.

Township Secretary Pamela Kisch said all other recycling bid submissions would charge a disposal fee to the township.

Amity Police Chief Andrew J. Kensey said he would meet Nov. 2 with the Daniel Boone School District’s two school bus companies — Klein Transportation and New Rhoads Transportation Inc. — to determine if school bus drivers are exceeding the 25 mile per hour speed limit on Loyalsock Drive.

Victoria Howell, a resident on Loyalsock Drive in the Westridge subdivision, said she observes 25 buses going past her house in a 20 minute period each morning and afternoon.

“They don’t do 25 miles per hour, and I live on a blind hill,” said Howell.

“I hope it’s a lack of awareness and not being done with any forethought,” said Kensey to the board on Nov. 1, adding, “GPS did track some over the speed limit.”

“They may not know how fast they are going — we will make them aware.”

Amity Police participated in a multi-jurisdictional sobriety checkpoint on Sept. 24.

A total of 18 officers from Amity, Douglass, Bern, and Exeter townships, as well as the Borough of Shillington and the Pennsylvania State Police were a part of the North Central Regional DUI Enforcement Check Point Program.

Kensey said the Douglass and Amity Township checkpoints — at Route 562 and Route 422 and River Bridge Road -- resulted in 300 contacts.

“[The checkpoint] is a great deterrent for people drinking and driving,” said Kensey.

“We cited 10 motor vehicle code violations, made two DUI arrests, and two drug arrests.”