Welcome to my World: Just for fun

I do a lot of research for most of my articles and sometimes “just for fun” I like to write something on the light side. I picked a few that seemed unusual and decided to see what they were all about.

Lost Sock Memorial Day is celebrated yearly on May 9th. It is unknown who started this memorial for missing socks, but I think, most women, including me, can relate to it. I, myself, will only hold on to a sock, missing a partner, until the next time I do laundry. I’ve already thrown out a sock, only to find its partner attached to a shirt I already had hanging in my closet.

Some of the suggestions to celebrate the missing sock were to throw out the partner, use them to clean (I do this), make sock puppets, and hold a moment of silence for your final goodbye.

National Just Because Day is celebrated on August 27th. B. Lynn Goodwin, tells us the original version of this day started by his father, Joseph J. Goodwin of Los Gaton, California. His father gave a gift of a transistor radio to his mother, telling her “just because.” It became a family tradition mainly to celebrate “life, free afternoons, and family.”


My niece, Bev, stopped by one day and handed me a small notebook, with a gorgeous peacock displayed on the front cover. She knew I liked peacocks since my mother raised peafowl on the farm. She told me she started picking up items for people and just gives it to them when she sees them for no reason. I’ll have to tell her she unknowingly is involved in a National Just Because holiday.

National Old Stuff Day is observed on March 2nd to appreciate the beauty of all things old and vintage.

Celebrate this day in your own way by starting a vintage collection, or visit your grandparents and get their stories and write them down. You’ll be pleasantly surprised in the wisdom of their years.

National Re-gifting Day was created in 2006 by Money Management International (NationalRegifting.com) in honor of office parties held for company Christmas parties. The idea is to give a gift you receive, but not yet opened, to someone else. In 2008, Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter, Jr. made an official proclamation to celebrate re-gifting on the 3rd Thursday of December, when most company office parties are held.

Things to be aware of in re-gifting: 1) make sure the recipient will enjoy your gift 2) it should be new in original package 3) not personalized with names/initials 4) or you can give it to charity.

National Pig Day is celebrated on March 1st, since 1972. It started with 2 sisters, Ellen Stanley, a teacher in Lubbock, Texas, and Mary Lynne Rave of Beaufort, NC. Rave states the purpose of the day is “to accord its rightful place, through generally unrecognized, place as one of man’s most intellectual and domesticated animals.”

Some of the suggestions to celebrate the pig are to give it its favorite food, snuggle with it, a piggy massage, and treat their hooves. In addition, you can have celebrations at the zoo, schools, pig parties and parades to commemorate the day.

Sometimes, people get interested in collectables, like my sister Gladys. She lived on a farm and they had about 3 pigs. Thus, it was that she started a pig collection, which could be found in every room of her downstairs farmhouse.

Since we have farmers in the area, maybe I’ll get invited next time they have a National Pig Day celebration. Who knows!