Kutztown University student hospitalized with Meningitis B

Kutztown University has recently been notified by the Pennsylvania Department of Health that a KU student has been hospitalized with Meningitis B. Students who have had intimate or prolonged close contact with the KU student diagnosed with meningitis have been contacted by the Department of Health.

Meningitis B is a bacterial infection that can be spread through intimate or prolonged close contact with a person who has the disease, as well as activities such as sharing food and drinks. The disease can be fatal if not treated. Meningitis B is typically an adolescent/young adult disease. A vaccine is available for individuals age 10 – 25. Symptoms of the disease include:

Sudden high fever, stiff neck, severe headache that seems different than normal, headache with nausea or vomiting, confusion or difficulty concentrating, seizures, sleepiness or difficulty waking, sensitivity to light, no appetite or thirst, and skin rash.

Individuals who display any of these symptoms should be evaluated by a medical professional.


While this is an isolated case, and there is no current risk to the students or campus community, it is an opportunity to remind students of the importance of getting vaccinated against Meningitis B.

Students are recommended to get immunized against this disease.

For more information on Meningitis Disease, visit the KU Health and Wellness website at www.kutztown.edu/healthandwellness