Mrs. Cronin’s 2nd grade class shares holiday traditions

Holiday drawing by Lydia Brown.
Holiday drawing by Lydia Brown.

Lydia Brown: My favorite Christmas tradition is going to Glix green house. First, my family and I look at wreathes. Second, we look at poinsettias. Then, we get apple cider. Next, we see a piano that is a water fall. My family and I really like it. Also, we get hot dogs. Finally, we see sheep that are made out of telephones. Have you ever gone to Glix green house? You should go. It is really fun! My family and I love it there.

Molly Townsend: My favorite Christmas tradition is making Christmas cards for my friends and my family. First, my mom will print the Christmas cards. Second, I will put the cards in envelopes. Then, I will stamp the cards. After that, I will send the cards. Everyone gets happy when they get their cards. Merry Christmas.

Jocelyn Grim: My Christmas tradition is looking for my elf on the shelf. Her name is Jovie. She hides every December. She does funny things. One thing she did was make breakfast. We are happy Jovie is a good elf. I love Jovie!

Austin Maurer: My favorite thing to do is put up the Christmas lights on my Christmas tree. They are very bright and colorful. I do the lights with my mom, sister and my brother. Then we play in the snow. We have a snow ball fight. We go in my house. It is my favorite holiday.


Jayden Richard: Christmas is fun at my house. I put my tree up and then I put my lights on my house. Then, I get cookies and milk for Santa and leave them in the kitchen on the table. Finally, we are done and we go to bed. Then I wake up and we see… presents then we open our presents and we are very happy!

Olivia Rusinski: My favorite tradition at Christmas is to bake cookies for Santa. Then we put them on a plate with milk. Then, we go to bed and wake up on Christmas morning and there are …PRESENTS! They are under our tree. That’s how I celebrate Christmas.

Daniel Tadley: My favorite thing to do on Christmas is to give my family presents. I love to drink hot cocoa. I love my family. Have a great Christmas!

Natalie Sharp: This is a Christmas tradition that I like. My favorite part about this season is finding our elf named Snowball. He hides everywhere. Last Christmas I found Snowball on the tree eating a marshmallow! I don’t know where Snowball is going to hide this year. I can’t wait to find out. Merry Christmas!

Emma Seyler: When Christmas comes my family likes to drive around town to see the lights on the houses. When we drive we always see two houses and they have a lot of lights. One has lights on trees the other looks like a gingerbread house and it has lights on the trees, the house, and on other decorations. So that is my favorite tradition.

Andrew Morine: I celebrate Christmas by giving gifts. I put up a tree and I decorate it with flashing lights that change colors. I look for my elf Buddy. His hat is splendid. Santa helped him make it. Rudolph is Buddys best friend. I’m ready for Santa… Merry Christmas. Ho ho ho!

Maeve Tomchak: I like Christmas because my elf came. We put up the lights on the Christmas tree. On Christmas day we go downstairs and we look under the Christmas tree and see…presents. This year I am asking for a Hatchanimals.

Josie DePolo: I like Christmas because I get presents and play with my brothers. I stay with my family and I like to put cookies, milk, and food out for the reindeers. Next, I get in my bed and sleep. In the morning, my brother Biagio wakes me up. I love to hear his voice because I know it is Christmas!

Jack Antonio: I love Christmas! Here is my favorite holiday tradition. I like to put cookies and some milk and carrots out for Santa and the reindeer. Then we all go to bed. The next day there are a lot of presents. I can’t wait for Christmas this year!

Ethan Reinhart: Every year I open my first present on Christmas morning. This year I will give my brother, Connor, a present. He will not know! I like to open presents. I hope you have a Merry Christmas too!

Savannah Butler: My favorite part of Christmas is opening presents. I hope I get a toy phone and a big toy pizza shop to go with it. My dolls will be the workers. Merry Christmas!

Kaitlyn Herbst: When I am at Grammy’s house we are baking cookies. That is my favorite thing to do. We make cinnamon cookies. Those are my mommy’s favorite cookies. Even Grammy likes them too. Then we go back home and go to bed. When we wake up we head downstairs. There are presents under the tree. Then we open the presents. I want a hatch a mole and Shopkins and Josiah wants Pokemon. Sarah wants a baby toy. I will always love Christmas.

Zakary Ormsby: My favorite thing to do on Christmas is opening presents. I hope I get the Serpent Strike Pyramid. I am excited to give my family some presents. Merry Christmas!

Max Belair: On Christmas Eve I am going to my dad’s house, my mom’s house, and my grandmom and grandpop’s house. I really hope that there are a lot of presents. I hope that I get an xbox1 , a computer, and a dirt bike.