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Robeson Lutheran Preschoolers participate in Presidents Day lesson

Rep. Mark Gillen talked about government; children voted for pizza in secret ballot

By From Robeson Lutheran Preschool

Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Pre-Kindergarteners of Robeson Lutheran Preschool in Mohnton had a special visitor on Feb. 15 to help them learn about Presidents Day and how the government works. Rep. Mark Gillen, of the 128th District, joined the children for a story and discussion of how a law is made.

The children took part in sharing with the Representative their ideas of some new laws. These new ideas ranged from laws to keep animals safe and keeping police safe, to ensuring that everyone must try soccer and everyone must have a toy Monster Truck. Rep. Gillen ensured the children that safety for animals and the police was a priority for him, and that he would think about the monster truck idea.

The children also ran a Secret Ballot Vote to show the children that their voices can be heard in government. The children were given the choice between spaghetti and pizza, and selected their choice on a ballot and placed their vote in the ballot box. Representative Gillen then counted all of the votes with the children to find that pizza was the winner.

“Hands-on experiences, like having the Representative come to the classroom and go through the exercise of voting, get the children excited about learning. Whether they fully understand the concept of how our government works, it is the exposure to learning that matters,” said Mrs. Melissa Thomas, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher at Robeson Lutheran Preschool.

Next month, these students will be having a Career Week, during which they will have visitors from Santander Bank, French Creek State Park and Robeson Police Department, exposing the kids again to a unique learning opportunity.

The students and staff members of Robeson Lutheran Preschool would like to thank Representative Gillen and his staff for their time and commitment to the youth of our area, and appreciate his dedication to our community.

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