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First Church of Hamburg celebrates the Olympics

Congregation celebrated Olympic spirit of world peace and friendly competition with Olympic games of their own

By Ruth Zerr, First Reformed Church

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

On Feb. 25, you may have seen the closing ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics, but what many of you missed seeing was the fun and games going on at First Reformed Church of the United Church of Christ at Third and Pine streets in Hamburg.

After the Sunday worship service, church members strolled into the Auditorium where they were given a seating card that had a country’s flag on it. Members had to find their table by matching their seating card to the flag on a table. People sitting at each table became the Olympic Team of that country. Countries represented at these games were: Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, England, Finland, and Taiwan. While the teams were formulating their strategy for this big event, all enjoyed a meal with an international flair. Entrees included a Polish Kielbasa and Pierogi Casserole, Oriental Fried Rice, Korean Beef and Rice, Asian Chicken with Teriyaki or Orange Sauce, and Italian Meat Balls with Spaghetti. There were a variety of salads and desserts to top off the delicious and abundant meal. Then the games began!

The church celebrated the Olympic spirit of world peace and friendly competition with some “Olympic” games of their own. Coached by Cindy John, event chair, and her son, Ian, as MC, this group of “athletes” competed in some very challenging events. These events included the very dangerous Cookie Roll in which contestants, using only their facial muscles, had to roll a cookie from their forehead to their mouth. Another task of great physical challenge was the M&M Transfer, where using a straw only, contestants move an M&M from a cup to a napkin. Then there was the Penny Pincher event where contestants had to pull pennies from the toes of a pair of pantyhose. Competition was fierce in the many “Minute to Win It” style games, as well as, with the Olympic Trivia questions directed by Barb Dietrich. Though there were tense times throughout the event, the atmosphere was filled with very friendly and fun moments. Laughter rang out within the church!

First Church invites you to our next good-time gathering which is our Games and Movie Night on Friday, March 16 from 6:30 to 9 p.m. Come and join us to play a board game or just watch the movie Finding Dory. Pizza and a beverage will be provided. The event is free but donations of juice boxes, granola bars, etc. and monetary donations to support this and future events are appreciated. We hope to see you there!