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Kutztown Class of 1943 celebrates 75th Reunion, offers advice to Class of 2018

Offer advice to graduating Class of 2018: ‘Stay positive’

By Lisa Mitchell, The Kutztown Area Patriot

Friday, June 8, 2018

The Kutztown High School Class of 1943 held their 75th Class Reunion at Janelle Restaurant & Catering Hall in Bowers on June 7.

“We have a get together every year, the first Thursday of June because that was our graduation day,” said LeRoy Brown. “We have seven people from our class here.”

In addition to Brown, from the Class of 1943 to attend the reunion were Ruth Follweiler, Claude Fritz, Rose Trumbauer, Joyce Hottenstein, and Paul Kunkel.

“It’s a pleasure to be here and see my friends,” said Kunkel.

Offering advice to those graduating from high school in the Class of 2018, Kunkel said, “The advice I give to young people is maintain your spontaneous responses in good humor and with some story or so.”

Follweiler advises new graduates to stay positive.

“Don’t be a downer,” she said. “And trust the Lord to guide them. Be sure to forgive. Don’t go to bed angry.”