Become a LEGO Master Builder at Kutztown Community Library

Created by LEGO Crew participants at Kutztown Community Library.
Created by LEGO Crew participants at Kutztown Community Library. Submitted photo

Everything is awesome; everything is cool when you’re building with a friend! The Kutztown Community Library invites children ages three and up to build and socialize with others at LEGO Crew.

The crew meets every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Participants let their imagination run wild to build anything from a castle to a space ship! What is a LEGO exactly? They are small brick-like building blocks made of plastic. Builders can use them to make anything they dream up.

“I basically dump the many LEGOs out over four tables and let the kids go at it,” said Kutztown University professor Todd Williams who leads the activity.

While the activity is mainly a free style construction, not too long ago Williams had a Mixels theme. Mixels was a short-lived TV Series where the characters, Mixels, made different creations to go on wacky adventures. During this theme, participants built their own character.


All LEGOs are provided by the library with plenty for everyone to enjoy.

The Kutztown Community Library is located at 70 Bieber Alley, Kutztown. For more information, call 610-683-5820.