Elverson hears request for better target range management

An Elverson resident became concerned about safety precautions when a neighbor was target shooting in their back yard. Help was offered to provide safety precautions when setting up a target range with a safe back stop.

Pennsylvania State Police Corporal John Bieber said he would provide council with information about safe distances from neighbors, safe back stops and other information provided by the National Rifle Association.

The neighbor was very concerned when she saw a fire arm pointed in her direction.

Elverson Borough Council had declined to get involved with target shooting in the Borough. During the summer of 2014 there was a similar incident.


In a more entertaining note, Borough Secretary/Treasurer Lori Stoltz said, During a recent snow storm she had a call from a man who was stuck in the snow in another township. He asked her what he should do. A resident of Summerfield thought she lived in New Elverson.

Stoltz said, The roads in Elverson are generally in good shape.

Council President Shirley Crehan said, There is a grant worth $15,000 available that would help with planning for interior improvements in Borough Hall. Borough Hall was formerly a two room school house. The Scout Troop that uses the other half of Borough Hall would benefit. The History Commission would like to keep artifacts there also.

PennDOT is very busy putting cold patch into pot holes around the area, said Stoltz. They are not able to keep up.

A meeting is planned for Feb. 11 to work on the next section in the review and updating of the Elverson Comprehensive Plan, said Crehan. Later in the spring a public presentation of the content of the updated Comprehensive Plan will be held at the community room at Hopewell Manor.

Kraft Code Services LLC is getting the codes enforcement up to date, said Crehan. The income from permits and inspections is getting closer to balancing with costs. Berks Homes is attempting to evaluate what Kraft Codes looks for during an inspection.

Borough Engineer Mark Stabolopscy said, There hasnt been much activity during January. The contractor that put in the cross walks will repair damaged areas in the spring. They will use a sealant to prevent future damage.

Lori will ask business owners to place business card type advertisements in the Elverson Newsletter said Council Member Esther Prosser. Information about costs is available at 610-286-6420. Those living outside of Elverson are asked to pay a dollar a month for the newsletter or it can be picked up at Borough Hall.

The trees in Parkside will be checked for diseases by landscaper Randy Heilner, said Prosser. Many ash trees have been infested by an insect that first showed in Michigan in 2002. The insect gets under the bark, often killing the trees. There is concern about 25 ash trees growing along South Pine Street.

A scam using E-Mail contacts on a computer has been detected locally. There were two incidents, said Council Member Jack Stewart. The scam originated in California.

The Town watch is doing a good job. Recently I had a phone call that the garage door was open and there was a man standing in my driveway It was actually my grandson, said Stewart.

The Elverson Farmers Market will be open from 10 to 12 am on Feb. 22 at the Twin Valley Fire Department, said Prosser.

Crehan said Emergency Management Coordinator Barclay Hargreaves will have classes at the fire hall aimed to educate residents and emergency personnel about preparedness in case of a problem at the Limerick Power Station. Everyone living in a ten mile radius of Limerick should be aware of safety precautions in case of an accident.

Three quotes will be obtained from contractors with the intent of replacing the other half of the roof on Borough Hall.

Kids have been piling up picnic tables to make snow board jumps, said Crehan. Council is considering chaining them inside the pavilion. No information was provided after Council offered a $1,000 reward for information on who was breaking the spindles on the gazebos. We have put up motion detectors and lights. Nothing has worked.

Council Member Dwight Frizen said, It is a small group of kids.

How would we prove it? asked Stewart.

The kids that cause the problems grow up and get other interests or move from away, said Crehan.

Keith DeWalt was appointed to the Zoning Hearing Board. Mike Gage will serve on the Historic Commission. All members of Council will work on the Budget Committee.

Council is looking for a member for the Vacancy Committee. Crehan said the prospective member has to know a lot of people and be willing to work hard. Council will vote on the person recommended by the Vacancy Board.

All members of Council should either vote yes, no or abstain from voting when a resolution is being considered, said Mayor Bob Broderick. If they abstain the reason should be given. I learned about it from comments by the State Ethics Commission on the television.

Frizen, Bob French and Doug Hoskins are new members on Elverson Borough Council.