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Agricultural Security area increases in Warwick

By TORY LINGG , For 21st Century Media

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Agricultural Security area has increased in Warwick Township.

“The hearing for the Ag Security area is held every seven years after a study done by the supervisors to determine if any properties should be added or removed,” Warwick Township Attorney Stacey Fuller said.

Fuller said the owners of the properties of concern have been notified. The intentions are to add 10 properties to the Ag Security program. The original Ag Security project was established in 1997. The Planning Commission has reviewed the applications of the 10 properties.

“There will be no action to remove any properties already in the program.”

“There are letters dated Dec. 17 from the Chester County Ag. Security Review Board,” said Chairmen Charles Jacob.

Supervisor Jason Swinehart, a member of the review committee agreed. “The properties on the area should remain and the new properties should be added. The list was given to the Warwick Planning Commission on Dec. 28, 2013.”

“The Public Hearing has been advertised in the Pottstown Mercury on Jan. 27,” said Fuller. “The 10 properties to be added to the zone have been approved by the Chester County Ag. Security Review Board.”

The resolution was approved. In 2007 at the last survey there were 3530 acres included in the Ag. Security area. Inclusion in the program allows property owners to be free to do work not effected by the time of day, noise or odors. Inclusion in the zone allows property owners to make use of other programs that such as grants and state and federal programs.

In correspondence from the Planning Commission Jacob said, “Some work had been done on the Crossett property without township notification. We are looking into what the code was in 2008. Plans involving steep slopes and storm water management are concerns. We will go on the recommendations of the Planning Commission and the solicitor’s opinion in a fact finding situation.”

“No changes have been made during January in other plans under review. They are St. Peters /Black Granite Village, Iron Ridge, Warwick/Yoder, St. Peters Train Station Land Development, 545 Rock Run Road and Pennsylvania Granite.”

Jacob said, “They have purchased a new tractor to be used for road side mowing. Swinehart said it is a side mounted mower.”

“A storm water management ordinance is being crafted with an ordinance adopted by Chester County,” said Jacob. Every municipality in Pennsylvania is to approve legislation with approved storm water management as decreed by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.”

“Michael Boyer from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission was guest speaker at the Jan. 14 meeting of the Federation on Northern Chester County Municipalities,” said Jacob. “Boyer spoke about long range plans for the region extending to 2040. It was a very good presentation. Annual elections were held.” Jacob said he “was elected Chairman, a post he has had for 18 years.”

The committee meets at the Warwick Township building on the 2nd. Tuesday at 7 p.m.

Carl Snyder was elected chairman of the Historical Commission, said Jacob. Peggy Galloway will serve as vice Chairman. “There was a discussion on the intended mission of the committee.”

A bid package for repairs on the Cemetery wall at the 7th Day Adventist cemetery along Old Ridge Road will be sent out in the spring.

“A controlled burn on about 58 acres is planned sometime in March, April or May in State Game Lands 43,” said Jacob. “The area of the controlled burn is near the public rifle range along Laurel Road. Controlled burning of underbrush helps the regeneration of trees.” “The Manager at French Creek State Park would be able to provide more information.”

Jacob said, “Correspondence from the DEP informs us that the permit for the Warwick Drainage Co. that provided wastewater management for St. Peters Village is about to be renewed. No actual expiration dates of the current permit are available.”

“The Twin Valley Fire Department responded to 39 calls in 2013” said Jacob. “During January 2014 there were 3 calls including a fire alarm and a traffic accident”. “The Pennsylvania State Police received 19 calls from Warwick residents in December.” “It included 3 animals on the road, 2 burglaries and 2 false alarms.” “There were 30 calls in January. An officer from the Pennsylvania State Police will attend the March meeting to provide information and answer questions.”