Boone board member files nomination petitions in Harrisburg

On Monday, March 10, Andrew Basile, candidate for the 130th Seat of the PA General Assembly filed with the Pennsylvania Department of State in Harrisburg, his petitions for nomination to be on the ballot for the May 20th Republican Primary.

Basile, a resident of Douglassville, said, I just want to thank each and every person who helped and signed. My volunteers took time from their days, nights, and weekends to ask family, friends and neighbors to sign a petition on my behalf to run for State Representative. I am truly humbled by the generosity of both time and effort.

We turned in 791 signatures, nearly tripple the required 300 needed from registered Republican voters living in the district. The demonstration of support was amazing and I met with hundreds of people who were encouraging and ready for turning Pennsylvania toward a positive direction.

Basile said revitalizing our states economy is his primary reason for running for the 130th District. His priorities are:


Reforming Pennsylvanias antiquated and broken school property tax system that currently burdens the middle class and those who can least afford to pay. Andrew strongly supports school property tax elimination plan sponsored by Rep. Jim Cox and Sen. Dave Argalls Bill HB/SB 76

Pushing for pension reform so that those who have earned their retirement keep it, however those entering the system become part of a sustainable program that does not bankrupt school systems and require taxpayer bailouts.

Creating an environment that will encourage employers to relocate to Pennsylvania and in particular to develop their operations in Berks County.

Helping our local governments cut through the red tape and regulations of Harrisburg in order to save Berks County taxpayers their hard earned money.

Submitted by Andrew Basile