Honey Brook Borough gives a make over to sidewalks, street along Horseshoe Pike

Record photo by Lisa Mitchell
Southside of Horseshoe Pike in Honey Brook complete.
Record photo by Lisa Mitchell Southside of Horseshoe Pike in Honey Brook complete.
Record photo by Lisa Mitchell
North side of Horseshoe Pike in Honey Brook under construction.
Record photo by Lisa Mitchell North side of Horseshoe Pike in Honey Brook under construction.

Honey Brook Borough’s streets and sidewalks are undergoing a makeover.

Street Scapes Phase 1 will replace curb and sidewalks and repave the entire road from the intersection of routes 10 and 322 going east on Horseshoe Pike to Maple Street about 900 feet.

“The project is a beautification of the area. The curb and sidewalk was in need of repair desperately,” said Honey Brook Borough Engineer Chris Falencki who designed the project on behalf of the borough. “The idea is that if the street is improved the home owners, businesses and residents would also improve their properties.”

The south side of Horseshoe Pike was complete before Mother’s Day Weekend.


“I’ve already seen an improvement on at least four different homes over the weekend. It’s encouraging. All we did was throw dirt and grass seed down, but they put the plants in themselves. They did a nice job.”

“The other concept is that this is the center part of the town, the business district of the town, and we’re hoping to encourage more businesses to relocate and open businesses in the downtown area,” said Falencki.

Street Scapes Phase 1 is funded by a more than $900,000 grant from the Chester County Department of Community Development with the borough funding 5 percent. The grant includes sidewalks, curbs, street lights and storm water improvements, replacing catch basins and inlets. Then, the borough will mill out the entire road and put in new crosswalks.

Brick facade walkways are being installed within the sidewalks and crosswalks.

“The intention was to match the feel of the buildings in the area so that it wouldn’t be something odd looking,” he said.

Because brick has a tendency to lift and fall due to temperature changes, Honey Brook Borough Council decided to go with brick colored concrete stamped with a brick motif, said Falencki.

Period style lighting will be installed by PPL at a cost of about $5,000 a light, all funded by the grant, he said.

“The idea is a lamp that looks like a gas lamp but it’s actually an electric lamp. It gives the feel of being back in the 1800s.”

There will be 17 street lamps on one side and 18 on the other side. Lamp posts are about 10 to 15 feet high and will be spaced about 50 feet apart, said Falencki.

“It’s going to be more on the pedestrian level, lighting the sidewalk and the facades, keeping the light down instead of lighting up the entire street and all the buildings,” he said.

Existing street lamps on 75-foot poles will be taken down in time.

“That will be determined by how much lighting the borough wants on the street. The concept is to remove those lights and bring the light closer to the street.”

“It will give a more safe walking area without having to light up the entire street,” said Falencki,

He said the ornate lights will enhance the area and match the Wayne Brook Inn lights. The thrift store is also installing similar lights, he said.

“That’s the incentive, to get the property owners to start improving their properties at the same time, which they are doing so.”

Light installations should be complete by the first week of June. Street Scape Phase 1 is anticipated to be complete by July. Falencki recognized Verizon, PPL and Service Electric for their cooperation during the project.

The borough is applying to the county to fund Phase 2, which will be at the intersection of routes 322 and 10 heading west about 200 feet or depending on how much funding they receive.

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