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Seniors stitch holiday stockings for deployed soldiers

TriCounty Active Adult Center|

Frozen! Chefs’ freezers ... revealed

This holiday season, save yourself some hassle and put your freezer to work. Need inspiration? Area chefs share a glimpse inside their iceboxes. ...

By Emily Ryan For Digital First Media|


  • Food

    Easy as ... slab pie!

    Feeling overwhelmed this Thanksgiving? Simplify your dessert strategy with a slab pie. Baked in a rectangular pan, this fine finish can feed a crowd with less fuss.

    By Emily Ryan For Digital First Media|

  • Food

    THE YANKEE CHEF: A sweet treat that speaks of New England

    A tremendously fall-flavored, New England treat that many have thought was a dessert of the past. But with a few delicious additions and substitutions, along with the best tasting caramel sauce you will ever have, this classic is transformed into a superb recipe whose stature among desserts should be elevated.

    By Jim Bailey|

  • Features/People

    On the Record with Carol: Every day is Veterans Day for Ivan

    Every day is Veterans Day for Ivan Stoltzfus of Honey Brook, who left Oct. 15 on his cross-country tractor ride Across America for Wounded Heroes 2016. His goal is to raise $1 million for veterans, especially those diagnosed with PTSD.

    By Carol Quaintance For Digital First Media|

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    Daniel Boone High School students present ‘The Spirit of Life’

    Daniel Boone High School students recently took part in a heavy-hearted performance of “The Spirit Of Life.”

    Rebecca Blanchard

  • Home and Garden

    FROM THE GROUND UP: Chrysanthemums: flower of the month

    In autumn, it’s the bright-colored trees that get top billing. No surprise there; it’s virtually impossible to not keep looking up at one brilliant tree or vista after another. And when the sun hits at just the right angle . . . ah, well, then it looks like nature was the inspiration for stained-glass windows.

    By Pamela Baxter|

  • Food

    Crock stars!: Three slow-cooker recipes to try now

    As the leaves change, do you crave comfort food like stew and chili, but feel too swamped to stand at the stove? Then these slow-cooker recipes are for you.

    By Emily Ryan For Digital First Media|

  • Food

    THE YANKEE CHEF: Surprise your diners with a holiday teaser

    Want a first course that encompasses all the flavors that will be adorning you holiday table this year? From ham to poultry, this teaser is hearty and a great compliment to the classic Cordon Bleu as well as what you are preparing for family and friends.

    By Jim Bailey|

  • Features/People

    Celebrating Veterans Day with 102-Year-Old WWII Veteran

    Reading >> Veterans Day is a day to honor military veterans and all they have done for our country. It’s a time to show respect for heroes who served in the United States Armed Forces and fought for our freedom. Manor at Market Square is proud to be home to one of these heroes, who served in the Army for almost four years during WWII.

    Manor at Market Square|

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    Poetry reading held at Walnut Woods

    Jennifer Hetrick of Boyertown has launched a three-year poetry project focusing on manufacturing history in Berks County.

    Digital First Media staff|

  • Lifestyle

    Berks Encore and Reading Public Library announce Annual Senior Poetry Contest

    Are you looking for a creative outlet? Do you see beauty in words? Then harness your creativity through poetry! Each year, Berks Encore hosts its Senior Poetry Contest and invites local seniors (anyone over the age of 50) to submit their poems for a chance to win a prize. Once again Berks Encore is partnering with the Reading Public Library. Whether you’re a well-rounded poet or just a beginner, we encourage you to participate.

    Berks Encore|

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