Cub Scouts write for Reading and Writing Beltloop

Submitted photo
From Left to Right- Ian Sullivan (Lion-K) Alex Bentz (Wolf-2nd) David Behm (Bear-3rd) and Zachary Mazaika (Webelos-5th)
Submitted photo From Left to Right- Ian Sullivan (Lion-K) Alex Bentz (Wolf-2nd) David Behm (Bear-3rd) and Zachary Mazaika (Webelos-5th)

Strausstown Cub Scout Pack 144 held a writing contest within the pack while they worked on their Reading and Writing Beltloop. Pack members wrote an essay about Scouts and the top winners were picked by the pack. Those four winners were then sent to The Item where the staff made the difficult decision of picking one overall winner. The overall winner was Zachary Mazaika, fifth grade, Webelos. All four scouts did a great job and the top four picks are below. For information on the pack, contact Holly at

By Zachary Mazaika, 5th grade, Webelos

I like Scouts because it teaches us about being loyal and trustworthy. We learn about respecting nature, our country and God. Scouts is fun because we have a good time. We make new friends. My favorite part is camp. Scouts Rock!!!

By David Behm, 3rd grade, Bear


There are tons of reasons I like Scouts. We do fun activities and fun stuff. And we get cool uniforms. One time we played kickball. I made three home runs in a row. We did the Pinewood Derby and we did the rain gutter regatta. We even played Chess. We go hiking and night hiking, and the last but not least is camping. We get to have campfires and sleep in tents. Camping is fun! My Dad was in Cub Scouts when he was young too. I get to earn badges, beltloops, nechershiefs and patches. The boys in the Cub Scouts with me are my friends and they accept me. I am nice to them and they are nice to me. I like Miss Holly who does all the fun activities with us, Mr. Ben who does crafts and art with us and most definitely Mr. Bob who goes fishing with us and teaches us how to fish. Mr. Bob also gave me some band aids in case I hook myself. They are my Akelas. Cub Scouts teaches me to tell the truth and to be a good citizen and to care for people. The cub Pack teaches me to respect people in a good way. I help the Pack go and the Pack helps me grow, and I will bring Goodwill. That is why I like Scouts.

By Alex Bentz, 2nd grade, Wolf

I joined Cub scouts because I thought it would be fun. I love Scouts, and what I love the most so far is going to Day Camp. At Day Camp, I learned how to shoot a BB gun, how to shoot Archery, I got to try a Zip line, and also learned about Wildlife Conservation. I also had fun learning to swim. Being a Cub Scout is fun! I really like my leaders, and have made new friends. We do lot of fun things and have many fun adventures. Being a Cub Scout has taught me to always do my best, and to try new things. I hope that one day I can earn Eagle Scout like my Dad.

By Ian Sullivan, Kindergarten, Lion

I like doing crafts and making bottle rockets. The flag is the most important thing. I wanted to do the rain gutter regatta, but I couldnt. I want to next year. I like making new friends and playing the games. I like doing activities and going to the police station.