Douglassville's Snap Fitness feature member of November

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Tracy Leaper
Submitted photo Tracy Leaper

We are recognizing Tracy Leaper as our featured member because of the results she is attaining through her dedication to improving her physical and mental well-being. Tracy, and her husband, Rick, and son, Dan, joined Snap as a family in mid-2011 and have been very active ever since. With Tracy’s encouragement, they are now “workout buddies,” motivating each other in pursuit of their individual exercise/fitness goals.

Like many members, Tracy’s decision to join Snap was based on a desire to lose weight…a desire reinforced by her doctor. While Tracy had been a previous member of a fitness club, she was pleased from the very start that the Snap staff was available to answer questions and took a real interest in her progress. Wanting to ensure she would make progress, she added personal training to her weekly workouts. Reinforcing the value of having a “workout buddy”, her personal trainer at the time, Jenn Bodulus, designed a program that served both her and Dan’s needs. She found personal training both challenging and rewarding. Jenn took her out of her comfort zone and Tracy learned she could do new exercises she had never thought she could do!

Four months ago, Tracy undertook the challenge of preparing for her first 5K run. Working with her current personal trainer, Teresa Conley, Tracy completed the 5K faster than she thought she would. Buoyed by that success, she is now training at least six days per week for her next 5K. Tracy’s results are an inspiration to others, notably to her husband, Rick, who is working out a minimum of 3 days per week following hip replacement last year. Tracy reports, “The results I have attained to date just make me want to accomplish more. I am placing more focus on my nutrition, too. Thanks to the support of my family and Teresa kicking my butt, I feel I am on a better path than ever!”