Exeter library to screen Sundance films

After Blockbuster Video closed a few years back, it seemed like the library was one of the only places you could go around here to get your family a movie for movie night. Sure, you could take the whole crew out to the movies, but that gets expensive; even more so today.

Now we have Redbox, Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime all of those fun digital packages for people without cable (or with but who want easy access to movies). But, there are some movies out there that just may never come around a smaller town like Exeter.

For example, Fruitvale Station. It got rave reviews and Oscar buzz last year, but I dont know that it ever hit one of our local theatres. It still hasnt hit DVD -- it wont be out until January 2014.

Which is why Im so happy to announce that the Exeter Community Library has been chosen as one of the grant recipients out of several libraries in Pennsylvania (out of only four other states in the US and five other countries in the world).


The library is set to show all eight Sundance Films from the Film Festival from 2013 in our library this coming April!

Fruitvale Station featuring Michael B. Jordan is one of those eight films.

The other seven are: Circles, Dancing in Jaffa, If You Build It, The Rocket, The World Before Her, Twenty Feet From Stardom, and Valentine Road. All eight films will be shown at our library during the dates of April 18 26. More information will be available as we have it, but if you need or want more information about any of the films now, please feel free to email exetercl@berks.lib.pa.us for more information.

We are so excited to share this grant with you!