Bethel Elem. second graders share their favorite holiday activity

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Mrs. Kiebach’s Second Grade Class

Kassidy Batz: I like going to different people’s houses.

Jasmin Bechtel: My favorite thing is going to other family members houses.

Deserray Bender: Seeing my little brother and family on Christmas morning.


Sawyer Carefoot: Putting up the tree.

Tyler Cornelius: I like decorating the tree with my family.

Emma Etchberger: We go to Grandma’s house and get presents.

Samuel Fidler: We make a big dinner.

Meghan Gardula: Helping decorate the cookies my dad makes.

Benjamin Garner: Giving presents to people.

Alex Garrison: Putting up the tree, putting up the lights, and putting up the ornaments.

Lani Hubler: Getting presents.

Taylor Lawrence: I like making cookies.

Jonathan Lusby: Setting up a Christmas tree and getting toys.

Nickolas Smith: I like decorating the tree.

Mrs. Schneck’s Second Grade Class

Myki: My favorite tradition is four-wheeling in the snow.

Anthony: My favorite tradition is opening gifts on Christmas morning.

Eric: My favorite tradition is opening my presents.

Erika: I like giving cards to my family and friends.

Allison: My favorite thing to do is make Christmas cookies with my mom.

Joseph: My favorite holiday tradition is opening presents with my family.

Landon: Playing the Choo-choo train under my tree.

Brandon: My favorite tradition is opening presents under the tree on Christmas Day.

Nick: My favorite holiday tradition is playing Black and Red and stealing presents.

Emily: My favorite tradition is opening a present on Christmas Eve from my mom.

Rebeccah: My favorite thing to do is throw snowballs at my brother.

Aydin: My favorite tradition is having a snowball fight with my dad.

Alex: My favorite tradition is opening presents on Christmas morning.

Chloe Heckman: Making gingerbread houses with my cousins.

Kaylyn Harring: Opening presents.

Mrs. Schweigert’s Second Grade Class

Ellianet Arbelaez: Decorating the Christmas tree.

Jasmin Calderon-Gonzalez: Decorating the Christmas tree.

Parker Chiveral: Going to Grandma’s house and seeing Santa.

Caleb Daub: Having a snowball fight.

Allen Ebersole: Opening presents.

Bryant Gross: Making cookies with Nana.

Sarah Kirkwood: Decorating the Christmas tree.

Addison Knecht: Decorating Charlie Brown tree.

Gaby Kraemer: Eating cake.

Tyler Lutz: Making snowmen and having a snowball fight.

Karley Merkey: Throwing snowballs.

Jullian Reigle: Throwing snowballs.

Natalie Sweigart: Decorating the Christmas tree.

Destiny Williams: Making Christmas cookies and eating them-YUM!