Local women launch ‘Hero's Hearts Club,' support group for those living the ‘emergency service' lifestyle

The group with the abundance of donations received of winter jackets for nearby homeless shelters.
These are Hero's Hearts kids participating in sending Christmas cards to Wounded Warriors. Over 150 cards are being sent to Washington DC to send cheer to soldiers at the Walter Reed Hospital. Hero's Hearts members and children from local elementary schools helped in the mailing.

Three local women have just created a new support group for those living the ‘emergency service’ lifestyle.

This newly found support group, named Hero’s Hearts, was formed by two Boyertown graduates, Jennifer Seville and Jen Long, and local resident Elena Carr. The goal of the group is to spark support and socializing for spouses and family members of emergency personnel.

“They [emergency personnel members] know everyone—whether they are in the same department or not, we wanted that bond for the wives too, to have support for each other. It can be stressful when the husbands are always working,” said Seville, whose husband and father-in-law work at local police departments.

The members are currently in the process of building interest for the group, which is already active online via Facebook and in the community through various outreach programs and events. Such events will be held in order to donate things where they are needed—wherever that may be.


Discussions of creating such a group began in October. Since then, the women have held one meeting and they are in the process of becoming a nonprofit organization.

“We’re joining forces like the husbands do. It’s been great bonding. We want to continue what we’re doing.

Last month the group held a winter apparel clothing drive which benefited the homeless.

“The more support, the better,” said Seville. “We want to give back to the community as much as our husbands do.”

Meetings are scheduled to be held monthly. Children are welcome, along with anyone else in support of emergency personnel. The next meeting is scheduled to be held on Sunday, Dec 29, from noon to 1 p.m. at the Upper Perkiomen Ambulance Building. They plan to discuss upcoming events, collect gift cards for a police wife in need and share baked good together.

“I like that I get to be with people like me who live a similar lifestyle. It’s also nice to help out other people,” said Seville. “It’s not just a meeting; it’s also fun events for family of personnel, personnel members and the general public.” She also added that she wants it be personal and wants the group to promote bonding among the members.

Seville says that while the majority of attendees are spouses—anyone with service members in their lives are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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