Community ‘likes' to feed hungry pooches

News photos by David Barr Betsy Gallagher of Hill’s Pet Nutrition Sale, Dr. Geoff DeWire, with Douglassville Veterinary Hospital, and Judd Meinhart, with the Animal Rescue League at the Douglassville Veterinary Hospital for the food donation.
The pounds of dog food donated to the ARL through a Facebook 'like' campaign.

The Animal Rescue League (ARL) of Berks County received a big donation from the Douglassville Veterinary Hospital.

Thanks to a fundraiser on Facebook, the ARL received 500 pounds of Hill’s Pet Nutrition food for animals. The Douglassville Veterinary Hospital decided that for every new “like” they got on their page, they would donate one pound of food up to 500 pounds. The food in question was Hill’s Science Diet. The contest started on Nov. 20 and in one day alone, had reached 100 pounds of food. Within three days, they had already had enough new “likes” to reach their goal of 500 pounds.

“The speed in which we accomplished the ‘500 like’ goal shows the public support for animals in need and the ARL specifically. We were thrilled to be able to help the ARL and this Facebook campaign allowed us to promote our veterinary practice while simultaneously helping shelter animals,” DVH doctor Geoff DeWire said.

Judd Meinhart and Ashley Mikulsky of the ARL were on hand to receive the donation. Both were very appreciative of all the food that was being donated. According to Mikulsky, they have a “very active Facebook page” which was pushing viewers towards the Douglassville Veterinary Hospital page so as to help them reach their goal and benefit the ARL.


“DVH has donated items to the ARL in the past. Most recently they donated an x-ray machine to our surgery center. We promoted DVH’s Facebook page through our page. We received one pound of food for every new like the received over a set period of time, with a maximum of 500 likes/lbs of food. Needless to say, we exceeded 500 new likes for DVH. Our Facebook page as a very passionate following that is approaching 10,000 Facebook users,” Meinhart said.

“We understand the importance of the ARL and we wanted to find a way to both promote our veterinary hospital and help the ARL by providing a food donation. The ARL was very excited about the idea and we took it from there. In the future, we want to continue to help the ARL with donations and medical assistance for their shelter pets,” DeWire said.

According to DeWire, DVH contacted Hill’s and asked them if they were willing to help donate food to the ARL to promote their online Facebook campaign. Hill’s liked the idea and came on board.

Betsy Gallagher of Hill’s Pet Nutrition Sales noted that they were “thrilled with the response” they got and that they were “able to donate so much food.”

“We’ll always have a relationship with Douglassville Veterinary Hospital,” Gallagher said.