Twin Valley Intern of the Month: Alyson Tennant

Submitted photo
Intern Alyson, on the left and mentor, Melissa Ebeling on the right.
Submitted photo Intern Alyson, on the left and mentor, Melissa Ebeling on the right.

Alyson Tennant, senior at Twin Valley High School, has been declared February’s Intern of the Month. Tennant has had an “adventurous” experience interning at Twin Valley Elementary Center alongside her mentor, music teacher, Mrs. Melissa Ebeling.

“Aly has been doing a wonderful job here. She has a great rapport with the students and she is willing to try new things. She is dependable, creative, and a wonderful asset,” stated Ebeling. Ebeling has continually been impressed with Tennant’s willingness to jump in whenever necessary and appreciates her drive to try new things, such as song arrangement.

Tennant expressed that her time with the children has been “touching” and it has taught her how to be “patient” in her everyday life. She broke her experience down into sections, first she spent time observing the classroom, and then she acted as a student to see how her mentor ran the class. Finally, she moved on to teaching the students lessons and taking on more of a leading role in the classroom.

“I’ve realized the basics more than the technical things,” stated Tennant when reflecting on the changes she has made in her music life.


She described her mentor as being “amazing and devoted” and “a very good teacher” not only to the students but to Tennant herself. Her experience teaching music at TVEC has been enlightening, but Tennant has changed her mind on what she plans to do in the future.

After leaving high school, Tennant plans to go into the Army as a Health Care Specialist. She was sworn into the U.S. Army in January and could not be more excited about the path that she has decided to endeavor.

Congratulations to Alyson Tennant on being Intern of the Month, and best of luck to her in her future accomplishments.