Stephanie Grace teams up with Miller-Keystone Blood Center

Submitted photo From left to right- Stephanie Grace, Grace's guitar player Paul Brown) and Michele Zurawski, donor resource manager for Miller Keystone Blood Center.

Boyertown’s Stephanie Grace teamed up with Miller-Keystone Blood Center recently, in January, to sing about the importance of donating blood. The 17-year-old was invited to create the jingle due to her success as an up-and-coming country star and ties to the community.

“I was all over the idea of using music to get the word out about the importance of giving blood, so we wrote a jingle for them,” said Grace.

The young star, who recently transitioned from Boyertown Area Senior High School to Agora Cyber Charter School, released her first CD last year. Grace enjoys using her music to advocate important causes such as donating, anti-bullying and education.

“I’m a strong supporter of getting a good education, but I’m also a strong supporter of chasing your dreams and going for opportunities when they’re given to you,” said Grace.


So when Grace was given the opportunity to support a good cause in her community, she graciously accepted. Grace entertained staff and donors during the center’s blood drive event with the new jingle and a few other original songs. Sean Tinney, Director of Marketing at Miller-Keystone Blood Center, hopes that the jingle will raise awareness and inspire people to donate.

“The waiting room was packed with employees and donors eager to hear her song,” said Tinney. “Stephanie has an incredible voice and the words she came up with [for the song] were incredible.”

Grace, who is currently touring throughout Pennsylvania, wrote “Somebody Needs You” along side Nashville songwriter’s Jonathan Ross and Josh Mendez.

“We had a blast writing the jingle together and we really hope it gets the word out and inspires people to give blood,” said Grace.

This year, Tinney plans to use Grace’s jingle to attract more donors and educate younger generations through various social media channels.

“The song is so powerful that I would like to create a video with still images of people who are in need or have received a blood transfusion in order to live,” said Tinney.

The Miller-Keystone Blood Center holds a variety of events at the Bethlehem donation center each month to promote and educate potential donors. According to a recent press release, the blood center supplies to 26 regional hospitals and collected approximately 94,000 units of blood last year.