Birdsboro Christian Preschool celebrates 40 years in community

News photo by Emily Thiel
Birdsboro Christian Preschool
News photo by Emily Thiel Birdsboro Christian Preschool

Birdsboro Christian Preschool, 5 Brooke Manor, Birdsboro is celebrating their 40th year in the community.

The preschool was founded in 1974, when nine area churches came together for a common cause. The preschool rents space from St. Mark’s Lutheran Church but the center is not affiliated with the church, but the two entities work together.

This past year, the preschool underwent some renovations to “breathe life into the preschool.”

The school raised money for the renovations of fresh coatings of paint and new carpeting for the classrooms. The school also started implementing a library area, and added a new teacher. The school has five members of staff; Kathy Pantone, director, teacher, aide; Donna Lawery, teacher; Nicole Vaughan, aide; Donna Kriczky and Bambi Dinsdale. The school operates with parent volunteers.


“We are here for the community,” Elizabeth Fritz, president of the board, said. This is Fritz’s fourth year serving on the board, and second year as president. The board, teachers and parent volunteers worked well together to ensure that the preschool would not “lose who we are” or “lose the good the school had.”

“My son left here with a love for learning,” Fritz said, who is dedicated to her position on the board. “That’s the ultimate goal.”

Fritz feels passionate about the preschool, their operation and what the school can provide for students. At full capacity, Birdsboro Christian Preschool holds 75 spots for students.

The recent changes last year the school renovated, reorganized and added space to their classrooms.

Open enrollment for next year’s courses began this week. The preschool is offering more extended days and classes.

The school offers two preschool classes, four morning pre-kindergarten classes, two or three day afternoon pre-kindergarten classes. Classes are offered in 2 1/2 hour sessions. Parents have the option to extend the morning classes until 1 p.m. and for the afternoon pre-Kindergarten classes; classes can be extended until 1 or 3 p.m. With extending the afternoon class, students gain two hours of enrichment.

New for classes next year, creative arts class on Wednesday mornings. “These are not as structured as the academic classroom,” and provide a different approach to education.

“They have a freedom in the creative arts class to learn on their own free will,” Fritz said.

The school is proud to not have computers, because after all, the majority of the students who attend the school are three to five-year-olds.

The school and teachers are “dedicated to the basics” and are focused to instill that each child , even at a young age, has a well-rounded way about them.

“These kids know what a record player is,” Fritz said. “They learn [both the] new and old.”

Fritz, along with other parents, struggle with Daniel Boone Area School District’s consideration of cutting Kindergarten classes.

The preschool sets a solid educational foundation for the children who attend class.

According to the board president, Birdsboro Christian Preschool is the “longest running preschool in the area.”

Fritz stresses that “we are not a day care” because the classes provide an educational opportunity; the classes “make them want to learn.” When children leave the preschool for a Kindergarten classroom, they are already prepared as they have been supplied with a love for learning. “The [Birdsboro Christian Preschool] find[s] a balance and makes it fun and educational for all [students],” Fritz said.

The preschool hosts parent-teacher conference, for parents to track their child’s progress, strengths and areas to improve.

If you are interested in learning more about what Birdsboro Christian Preschool has to offer or would like to enroll your child, call 610-582-8399.