Kutztown University Coffee House & Art Auction benefits young artists

The Kutztown University Honors Club and Art Club will be hosting a Coffee House & Art Auction on Friday, Feb. 28 starting at 7:30 p.m. in the MacFarland Student Union Bearís Den.

Before the event starts at the aforementioned time, the artwork of Kutztown Middle School, local artists, and KU students will be available for viewing in the Student Union Dining Hall throughout most of the day. This will allow for anyone who wishes to bid on the pieces to place their opening bid early, or to simply view what artwork will be featured at the auction.

Once the event commences in the Bearís Den, there will be musical entertainment from the local Tye Vallone, a roots rock guitarist and singer, as well as Christopher Burkholder, a jazz bassist. Along with the musical entertainment, refreshments will be provided.

The Coffee House & Art Auction event is quickly becoming a well-known tradition of this small, college town, as last year the event raised more than $600, with $250 of which going toward Kutztown Elementary School to supplement their art program.


This year is not much different; a portion of the proceeds will go toward Kutztown Middle School, and as Blake Meyers of the KU Honors Club has stated, ďWeíre expecting a much larger turnout to the event and to be able to donate even more money than last year.Ē

Hopefully this will hold true for this event, as there are reportedly many more pieces of artwork to be sold this year.

In summation, be sure to drop by the Bearís Den this Friday, and if you donít plan on buying any art you can still appreciate it and complement the artist.