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Tilden resident interviewed for documentary on Cold War

By Dale E. Graff

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Recently, a film crew from Los Angeles, California visited Tilden Township resident, Dale E. Graff, to interview and film him as part of a feature length documentary about a unique aspect of the USA/USSR Cold War. He anticipates the documentary will be aired on the Military History Channel or other cable networks. The objective of this documentary as stated by the producer, Lance Mungia, is to “tell the story behind the race for inner space”, and how both countries became involved in the military potential of a mental phenomenon referred to as extrasensory perception (ESP), and an aspect of it, remote viewing.

Dale had a key role in generating the US intelligence communities interest in this phenomenon which led to a top secret program that focused on research and the application potential of remote viewing. Dale created the code word name Stargate to symbolize an innovative effort for enhancing human performance and extending the boundaries of perception. The producer’s intention is to document the historic context of the program and to present the human element and personalities that take the subject out of the fantastical and make it real.

During the filming interview, Dale described his initial interest in the phenomenon and how his Technological Trends and Forecast responsibility at the Foreign Technology Division, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio, provide the opportunity to investigate Soviet ESP research. His reports led to remote viewing research at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) Melon Park, California and became part of the National Intelligence Estimates. Dale eventually accepted a position as Chief, Advanced Concepts Office, at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in Washington, DC and Director of the Stargate unit at Fort Meade, Md.

Dale illustrated some of the operational projects that included location of missing Soviet TU-22 bomber airplane in Africa, the search for an abducted Army General in North Italy and a variety of other projects of a technical nature. Some activities were for the US Customs Department, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), FBI, Secret Service and Homeland Security for locating fugitives, terrorists and key illicit drug lords. He explained the risks in the program; professional and occasional personal dangers as well the successes and failures. Personal highlights were meetings with astronauts John Glenn and Edgar Mitchell and overseas assignments including clandestine activities in Moscow.

He concluded the interview with views on the phenomenon of remote viewing; the conflicting interpretations, varying degrees of acceptance or denial, political hurdles, scientific challenges and the implications of understanding inner space and enhancing human potential.

Dale will be presenting at the Hamburg Area Historical Society meeting on Nov. 6 at the Hamburg High School. He will summarize this film documentary interview and discuss other intelligence activities from the Vietnam era that, unknown to him at the time, linked with mission objectives related to MSGT Richard Etchberger’s clandestine unit, codenamed Heavy Green, in Laos. He will also describe a clandestine assignment in Moscow, USSR during the winter period of 1983-84.