Boone gets jazzy with festival

The Pottstown Jazz Band takes to the stage. (Photo by Amelia Fox)
Pottstown's Marley Bryan rocks a solo on Tenor Sax. (Photo by Amelia Fox)

Some jazzy tunes and grooves brought the community together for the 43rd Sound Spectacular Jazz Band Festival on Friday, March 7, hosted by Daniel Boone High School Jazz Band. Included in the event were performances from Brandwine Heights “Midnight Riders,” Pottstown High School Jazz Band, Boyertown Area Senior High School Big Band, Reading High School “Castlears,” The Jazzeliets from AEC, Wilson High School, North Penn High School, Ephrata High School Jazz Ensemble, Phoenixville Area High School Jazz Band, Upper Merion High School, and Daniel Boone High School Jazz Ensemble. All students who competed showed amazing professionalism and were “spectacular,” as they say.

Specifically all performances consisted of impeccable flow and inspiring notes. If you walked in that room you could feel the emotions and the soul, and breathe the music in the air. It was hard for music lovers to resist tapping their feet to the beat of the music.

Each school preformed with few mistakes, as true professional jazz bands should.

“We did well, building off our past and going to the championships and bringing what we learned there although there were some mistakes,” Pottstown student Justin Beasley, Alto Sax, said when asked about how they did on the nights’ performance.


“This being our 3rd Competition was by far the best performance,” Pottstown Jazz Band Director Mike Vought stated. All schools in attendance optimized their music by showing off their best musicians in the pieces that they picked. Specifically students Marley Bryan, John Johnson, Sherif Mohomed and Jake Wunderlich “wow-ed” the crowd with their solos. The band worked in sync and preformed outstandingly. Daniel Boone students that showed their musical talent and shined especially would be Alyx Blumenstock, Nichole Risley, Bethany Halliwell, Justin Frey, and James Kolenda. The jazz bands put their heart into the performance to bring a taste of soul to the stage. That’s something you don’t hear everyday.

The night of Jazz brought together schools from different areas and cultures for an amazing night of jazz.