Scoupe DeVille Ice Cream Parlor serves treats in old fashion

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With spring and summer right around the corner, Scoupe DeVille Ice Cream Parlor is set to begin its 2014 season. The Birdsboro ice cream shop has been serving the community for 13 years, after originating in an unlikely place.

My husband and I originally wanted to open a retail shop, Sandy Paris, owner of the shop, said. We wanted to work on a smaller shop that sold coffee and ice cream. It got to be too much, so we decided to just focus on opening an ice cream shop instead. Its been a heck of a ride so far, but its also been a fun experience.

The shop boasts a 32-flavor hand-dipped menu and a 1950s-style atmosphere, one that Paris says makes every day a little bit different.

We feel that we give good, old-fashioned customer service, said Paris. Its a lot of fun if the crowd is right here. Ive already had several couples just get up and start dancing.


Staff members play a big part in maintaining the shops enduring throwback image and carefree setting. This benefits both customers and staff members.

We have a fun staff, said Paris. They really help to ease the tension on busy days and it is great for everyone.

According to Paris, the shop looks to capitalize on its appeal by expanding its offerings during the 2014 season.

We are working on some things right now, said Paris. We already have a 32-flavor hand-dipped menu, but we are trying to expand our soft-served menu to 24 flavors. We will see what happens.

Scoupe DeVille Ice Cream Parlor opens for the season on April 1.