Girl Scouts send cookies to troops

A group photo of the Girl Scouts with the cookies. In the back row is Breanne Stichter, Sophie Chovanes, Caitlin Krum, and Morgan Fazio. In the front row is Courtney Turner, Savanna Roney, Hannah Quay, and Hope Fryer.
Tia Rossi

There’s nothing that quite compares to food which brings back memories of home.

The Girl Scouts have a program called Cookies from Home (CFH), which allows Scouts to sell cookies and have them shipped overseas to U.S. troops.

Cookies have recently been collected by the Girl Scouts of Eastern PA Council. Sometimes, if there is a personal connection between a member of a Girl Scout Troop and a person overseas, the Cookies From Home donations will be sent directly to that person serving in the military.

Recipients of the cookies are always appreciative of, not only a “taste of home,” but knowing that people in the U.S. are thinking of them and supporting them.


Sister troops Daisy #1206, Cadette #1994, and Senior/Ambassador #1102 sent 72 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to 2 military personnel who have a connection with one of the leaders, Leah Quay.