Phoenixville's Cooking Spotlight hosts pre-Mother's Day cooking class

Photo by Heather Tyrrell ¬ Cooking Spotlight gives an at-home feel for participants. The cooking class venue will host Vine Dining’s Certified Natural Chef Sara Glassman May 7, who will demonstrate to guests how to prepare a healthy and energizing vegetarian meal for moms on Mother’s Day.
On May 7, Vine Dining’s Certified Natural Chef Sara Glassman will demonstrate to guests how to prepare a healthy and energizing vegetarian meal for moms on Mother’s Day. Photo courtesy of Vine Dining

PHOENIXVILLE — Cooking Spotlight in Phoenixville will be hosting a Mother’s Day cooking class on May 6 at 6:30 p.m. Certified Natural Chef Sara Glassman will teach students how to prepare a special plant-based menu as a healthy treat for Mother’s Day.

Glassman, owner of Vine Dining, is a private chef, caterer and instructor who specializes in energizing, whole food dishes. Glassman has previously taught in many locations including different stores, non-profit organizations and farms, as well as privately in homes. Because of her Green-friendly lifestyle, Glassman was recently chosen to appear as herself in a Subaru commercial, which was filmed locally near her home in Chester Springs.

“I love the fact that food brings people together,” said Glassman. “When I think about food, I think about big groups of people eating together, enjoying each other’s company. That’s what a cooking class does, it’s empowering students to go back home and take the recipe they learned, try them in their own families and create that kind of community.”

Glassman said the class is open to anyone who is looking for quick and easy recipes, or just interested in learning how to cook. She also said the class would be great as a pre-Mother’s Day gift.


“I’m doing a dinner, something very easy that one would be able to cook for their mom for Mother’s Day,” Glassman remarked. “We’re going to start off with a Mother’s Vitality Stew with some strengthening ingredients: beans, corn, with fresh vegetables. Then we’re going to make a hearty spring salad, which will have a grain-like quinoa in it. The main dish will be an earthy pesto linguini. Then we’re going to have a dessert of warm chocolate cookies because my mom is known for making her cookies and I wanted to do an ode to her.”

Originally from Bucks County, Glassman said she enjoys incorporating fresh vegetables from local farms into her recipes.

“Specifically in Chester County, in the Phoenixville area, there are so many farms that are local and so many CSA’s [Community Supported Agriculture] that using local vegetables and local sources is really further creating that community because you are using what is local,” Glassman noted.

For more information or to sign up for the class, contact Cooking Spotlight at 610-933-0500 or visit Vine Dining’s website at