Kempton couple run in the Boston Marathon

Raine and Jeff Fussner competed in the Boston Marathon.
See B1.
Raine and Jeff Fussner competed in the Boston Marathon. See B1.

What an incredible experience my husband, Jeff Fussner and I had at the 118th Boston Marathon. Over 30,000 runners and a million spectators. The crowds were all dressed in the Boston marathon colors, “Boston Strong” t-shirts and banners adorned the sidelines, as we ran the 26 miles from Hopkinton, Massachusetts, to Boston.

Families were gathered, children handed out bananas, orange slices, and silly band bracelets made in Boston Blue and Yellow. High fives were given, and even hugs and selfies with random strangers.

The spirit and pride of America couldn’t have been stronger on April 21st in Boston. “We Took Our Race Back”, one banner proudly boasted. We ran with amputees, survivors and people from all around the globe. As we thanked volunteers, they said “NO – Thank YOU for Running our Race and Bringing Boston Back!”

It was a surreal experience. After running 26.2 miles in what turned out to be a very hot day in Boston, my husband and I crossed the finish line hand-in-hand. After heading back to our hotel on the “T,” we stopped in a local pub for some dinner. We were wearing our medals that we earned after crossing the finish line. As we came through the door way, we were greeted by a group applauding with a standing ovation. We turned to see who was behind us, but it was us that they were applauding.


There were medics, police officers, spectators and runners all gathered together in a common spirit – BOSTON STRONG!! They made us feel like heroes – but the people of Boston are the real heroes!

I will never forget this race, and am so glad that we were a part of it!