St. Francis Academy students visit Gettysburg National Park

Students from St. Francis Academy in Bally recently visited Gettysburg battlefield and retraced the steps of the 28th Virginia Regiment during Pickett's charge. Prior to the march, they posed in front of the monument to the regiment.
Check presentation for Pennies for Preservation.

St. Francis Academy fifth graders recently went to Gettysburg National Park and participated in the Ranger Program.

The students learned about members of the 28th Virginia Regiment. Each student was assigned a soldier of the original regiment. They then, literally, walked in that soldiers footsteps. The students participated as that man in a re-enactment of Picketts Charge. Ranger Casimer Rosiecki guided them step-by-step what was happening to the regiment, including which soldiers died along the way and who survived at the end.

Hannah Millet presented a check to the ranger for $193.79 for monument restoration at the park. The students saved pennies all year.

One student, Matthew Graczyck did further research on his soldier, Capt. Michael Spessard, and discovered was buried at his farm in Virginia. Someday Graczyck hopes to visit Spessards grave.