New Berks Dairy Princess and Lil' Miss crowned

Item photo by Shea Singley 2014 Berks County Dairy Princess Ashley Mohn and 2014 Lil' Miss Alyssa Troutman.
Item photo by Shea Singley Contestants for the Berks County Dairy Princess title. Far left is Jessica Duncan the 2013 princess, Gabrielle Kurtz, Megan Notestine and Ashley Mohn with their escorts.

Berks County crowned a new Dairy Princess and Lil’ Miss on Saturday night, May 3, at the Mohrsville Church of the Brethren. Ashley Mohn, 20, of Womelsdorf, was crowned the 2014-2015 Berks County Dairy Princess and Alyssa Troutman, 5, of Womelsdorf, was crowned Berks County Lil’ Miss.

The coronation began with a milk punch reception featuring creamsicle milk punch served by the Dairy Ambassdors followed by a dinner. After the dinner began the contest.

Along with Mohn, this year’s contestants included Gabrielle Kurtz, 17, of Elverson, and Megan Notestine, 19, of Oley. The contestants were introduced and shared their three wishes as well as their most embarrassing moments which got a laugh out of the crowd. The 2013-2014 Berks County Dairy Princess Jessica Duncan and Lil’ Miss Danica Rhoads also took the stage sharing their moments as well.

Following the introductions was the entertainment portion during which Kurtz spoke on the benefits of chocolate milk, Mohn took the audience to Dairyland (a dairy inspired version of Wonderland) and Notestine spoke on the many jobs of a farmer. After the entertainment section was the impromptu question which asked the young women how their outlook on life and approach to problems would be different had they not grown up on a dairy farm. All of the contestants handled the hard question well, providing strong answers.


The contestants had a brief break as it was then time for the Lil’ Miss contestants to be introduced. Joining Troutman were Poppi Frantz, 6, of Bethel, and Kalina Rhoads, 4, of Barto. Each contestant shared a little about themselves as well as sharing a book or song with the audience.

Once all of the contestants were finished, the judges left the area to make the difficult decision of who would replace Duncan and Rhoads. This year’s judges were Richard Frantz, June Leiby and Meranda Sellers.

While the judges were deciding, Duncan was awarded with the first ever Frances Davis Above and Beyond Award in memory of Frances Davis.

Duncan shared some of her favorite moments from her past year and shared some wisdom with the next princess and alternates.

“I’m beyond grateful for all of the opportunities given to me,” said Duncan. “Thank you so much for an amazing year.”

A slideshow was then shown of the past year’s experiences of Duncan and Rhoads.

Earlier in the evening, Rhoads said that she would miss Duncan the most, which Duncan returned by emotionally stating that she could not wait to see Rhoads grow up and how much she enjoyed spending time with her.

“I love you Jessica,” said Rhoads. “Thank you for being my best friend.”

“I sincerely could not have asked for a better year with you,” said Duncan to Rhoads during her farewell speech.

At that time the judges had made their decision and announced Mohn and Troutman as the new Berks County Diary Princess and Lil’ Miss.

“I’m really looking forward to this wonderful team we have up here,” said Mohn. “It’s a great year, well it will be a great year and I’m looking forward to it. Thank you to everyone for everything. I look forward to seeing you at the promotions. And, drink milk.”

Dairy Ambassadors and sponsors were also recognized during the coronation banquet.

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