Cat Angel Network Pet of the Week: brothers Chip and Dale

Chip and Dale
Chip and Dale

Chip and his brother Dale are bonded brothers. They have lived together their whole loves and adore each other. They lost their home when their owner died and her grown daughter couldn’t afford to stay in the home and care for them.

Chip is quiet until you begin to pet him and then his motor begins! Chip has a deep soothing purr that could make you smile on your worst day.

Scratching behind his ears is also a favorite with Chip. Once you start, he will perform a dance around you, complete with head bumps and rolls on the floor, just to get you to continue scratching and rubbing him!

Dale is a chirper and will come to his name (or Chip’s name!). He loves playing with straws and feathers. He is very talkative and well-mannered. He will wait his turn to get ear scratches, but don’t forget him! If you try and leave the room without giving him some attention, he has a very specific meow that sounds like a whimpering cry. Once he gets his pets, he’s a happy cat again!


Their foster mother reports that both Chip and Dale are so loving and gentle that she wouldn’t hesitate to introduce them to children.

They’ve been neutered and tested negative for FIV/FeLV and are current on required vaccinations. They were born in 2009.

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