Bringing back the beat: Birdsboro girl saved through AED program

News photos by Emily Thiel Skylar Livinghouse hugs the officers at the Birdsboro Council presentation.
News photos by Emily Thiel Mayor Joseph Peterson (right) honors the officers during the Monday, June 9 meeting, for using an AED to save the life of 15-year-old Birdsboro resident Skylar Livinghouse.

One doctor was able to save the life of 15-year-old Birdsboro resident Skylar Livinghouse without ever meeting her.

When Livinghouse was found in bed unconscious, not breathing and without a pulse on May 10 of this year, it was Dr. Michael Koslows idea that saved her life. Reading Hospital Chief of Cardiology Michael Koslow, MD initiated placement of an automated external defibrillator in approximately 300 police vehicles in the county, through a program he started three and a half years ago.

It is only because the police car that arrived first on scene was equipped with the proper equipment that Livinghouse is about to enjoy another day. After two shocks, chest compressions and rescue breaths, it was the third additional shock that brought the young girls heart to beat once again. Thanks to the response and proper training of Sgt. Seth C. Riegel, Off. Craig S. Reinhart, Off. David L. Seidel and Off. Adam S. Borz, they were able to revive the young girl.

Birdsboro Mayor Joseph Peterson honored Dr. Koslow and the officers at the Borough Councils Monday, June 9 meeting, where Livinghouse and her family came to show their appreciation.


Koslow surveyed every police chief on a county wide basis to determine if there was even a need for an AED in every car. Koslow met with Police Chief Ted Roth to research.

We both realized the number of police cars in Berks County with defibrillators was very small but the number of times that police were first on scene was actually a large majority of the time, Koslow said.

The program launched over three years ago, with results that are the difference between life and death for one young Birdsboro resident.

We never imagined it would be a 15-year-old, Koslow said. Its hard to talk about this program...and not realize the power of the program.

He first met Livinghouse at the meeting, where she thanked Koslow and the officers. Roth has since nominated the officers for the Lodge #71s Life Saving Award.

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