Caroline Rider Clinic offered in Honey Brook

Honey Brook Stables
Honey Brook Stables

If you are interested in a deeper level of horsemanship, in connecting with your horse as a partner, and understanding horse behavior and psychology, then you won’t want to miss the two clinics being held at Honey Brook Stables in July with trainer Caroline Rider.

Caroline Rider is a trainer and horsemanship instructor based in Florida who is an equine behavioral specialist as well as an international clinician and educator. She specializes in rehabilitating horses and fostering the horse/human bond with her students.

The first clinic is called “Connection and Communication” and is for those who want to learn to read and understand their horse, learn exercises in the round pen to develop acceptance and respect from the horse, as well as help the person become the partner and leader our horses need.

This first clinic is being held July 11-13 and will include individual round pen & liberty sessions and coaching for emotional and physical agility and to improve balance, confidence, harmony, and unity between horse and human.


The second clinic is called “Riding as One” and this style of clinic crosses over and merges the worlds of Classical Dressage with the Art of Horsemanship. It creates the foundation where ease of mind, simplicity of technique, and willing partnership become the guiding principles to a lifetime of being, and working, together. This “Riding as One” clinic will be held July 18-20.

Participants are registering now for both clinics, and spaces are very limited. There is plenty of room for auditors, but please call or email to reserve your spot. Costs and other details can be found on the clinic flyer at the website below.

Both clinics will be held at Honey Brook Stables, which is located at 80 King Road, Honey Brook4. For more information on the clinic and to register, visit or call 484-364-9579. To learn more about Caroline Rider and her training methods visit