Ryerss Farm celebrates Family Fun Day June 14 in Warwick Twp

Submitted photos
Pony Rides during Family Fun Day.
Submitted photos Pony Rides during Family Fun Day.
Henry and Caputo getting treats.
Henry and Caputo getting treats.

By horses Henry and his best friend Caputo

Hi Everyone! My name is Henry and I live the wonderful life of a “retired horse” at Ryerss Farm along Route 23 in Warwick Twp. I am a bay Dutch Warm blood gelding, most humans say I am a handsome and friendly guy. I spent most of my life competing in dressage on the show circuit before I retired here.

I’d like you to meet my best friend Caputo who is my constant side kick. He is a fine looking fellow, too. A bay thoroughbred gelding who had a very successful let racing career. Yes, we are quite a handsome pair and very happy here at the farm.

Let me tell you what happened on Saturday. We could not believe how many children and adults came to see us that day, bringing us treats of carrots and apples! Hundreds of humans were here and it was a beautiful day. I heard a little girl say, “It is really nice to see the horses and I love feeding them!”


At this time of year we enjoy munching on the lush green grass in our pastures, but I must say that there is nothing better than a sweet piece of apple or carrot to put a smile on my face. Caputo and I thought that the visitors all came just to see us but as we looked around we saw that they were doing all sorts of things we had never seen before! Oh, my there was a sign. It was Family Fun Day at the Farm!

Caputo liked the flags people were carrying. He said he knew all about flags from the racetrack. One little girl came close and he heard her mother say that Downingtown Flags had donated the flags.

Margaret, a human, who likes to hang out with us was all dressed up in a funny suit with many colors and was giving out big balloons to the children.

There was something called a moon bounce where children jumped around inside a strange looking building. I heard a woman say to Margaret as she watched those kids jumping and giggling, “I hope that you will have this event again next year. It has been fun for my grandchildren.”

People were decorating horseshoes with fancy sparkles and glitter. We are used to having a farrier put horseshoes on our feet but this was a new idea to us! The horseshoes that these children made were sure a lot fancier than those we horses wear! Maybe the horses will wear those in a parade?

I was straining to hear, “Our girls enjoyed decorating the horseshoes. What a great idea.” And another, “We didn’t know your horse farm was here until we arrived today. We plan to come back. I hope that you will remember me and my son Elias.”

I smiled deep inside. I love visitors and Caputo gave me a nudge, “They like us!”

One young girl came over to Margaret and said, “I would love to volunteer here,” we saw Margaret leading her over to talk to some woman.

There were volunteers grilling food for the humans to eat and there were hay rides and games. Also there was a fun stable door game, if you could unlock it you won a prize!

There were pony rides with lines that seemed to be none-stop. It seems like every child wanted to take a ride on the ponies!

Oh, how that brought back memories of earlier days when I carried riders on my back as I competed in dressage events at horse shows.

All of us horses lined up at the fence to watch. We loved it when they came over to pet us and give us treats! They loved it, too! A mother said to our farmhand, “We had a wonderful time. My three year old loves horses and she made sure to pet every one she could get her hands near.”

Lots of people were talking about the fun they were having and at this great place Ryerss Farm. They said how lucky the retired and rescued horses are who live here. Caputo and I agree! It was a great time. We hope it will happen again.

Thanks for listening and come see us any time. Bring treats if you want.

NOTE from the Farm Board: This event was so well attended and such a success that we will be sure to make it an annual event. Henry and all his buddies will be happy to hear that!

Ryerss Farm is a 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization. We are open to visitors from 10:30 – 3:30 daily. There is no charge to visit the farm and horses but donations are appreciated. We are located at 1710 Ridge Road, Pottstown, PA 19465. Visit our web site at www.ryerssfarm.org and also like us on Facebook.

Gail Morris

Ryerss Farm Board of Managers