Honey Brook Township Volunteer is a Friend of Bargain Hunters

Pat Richey spotlight with Kelton.
Pat Richey spotlight with Kelton.

Honey Brook Twp.—Pat Richey and her husband, Tom, have enjoyed eleven years as cottage residents on the Tel Hai campus. Both have been active all their lives—frequently participating in what used to be known as “Elder Hostel” programs and as volunteers in Girl Scouting as well as at Tel Hai. This spring, Pat was recognized for her long service to Tel Hai’s Re-Sale Shop.

Initially urged to volunteer by her neighbor, Bill Emmanuel, Pat found her many hours pricing donations for the sales a wonderful and fun way to give back to the community. During her tenure, the Re-Sale Shop has grown from a one-room “flea market” sale held each May to a year-round bargain hunter’s dream. The sales are a favorite with members of the surrounding community and all proceeds benefit the Care Assurance Fund which supports campus residents who are no longer able to assume responsibility for the full cost of their care. Pat and her team of pricing experts meet each Tuesday morning at 8:30am to begin the task at hand. With her long history in Girl Scouting, she is dependable and highly reliable in her service.

A confirmed “Phillies Phanatic,” Pat is known for having the game on where ever she is when the Phillies are playing. After years of enjoying games in the ballpark in Philadelphia, she now prefers to enjoy watching her team play from home instead of in the less-comfortable seats at the stadium.

Pat, a native of central PA, met husband Tom at a political rally for then-Presidential candidate, Dwight D. Eisenhower. Pat worked as a nurse at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Pat and Tom rescued the turtle, Kelton, from a roadway following a storm 47 years ago. He’s been featured on TV and participated in the 2013 Pet Parade held on Tel Hai’s campus. He also makes “friendly visits” to Lakeview residents on the front porch in warm summer months.


For eleven years of tireless support of the Re-Sale Shop and her contributions to the liveliness of community life, Pat Richey was celebrated in the Volunteer Services Department’s “spotlight” this spring.