Meet Your Sunny Crest Neighbor: Bryan Hilt

Bryan Hilt
Bryan Hilt

I grew up in York, Pennsylvania and am 43 years old. Growing up I went to public school and graduated high school after high school I went to a sheltered workshop where I cut tar paper five days a week. Growing up my favorite things were playing with my cousins, going swimming, and going to Easter Seals which taught me how to walk and be able to stand on my own.

After high school when not at the workshop I would go along with my dad on the milk truck and help him pick up milk at the farm. My favorite thing during my young adulthood was going to summer and winter snow camp which was Word of Life, in Schroon Lake, New York.

I went to Hiram G. Andrews Center in Johnstown, PA for 2 weeks to learn a skill and then I came back home. In 1991 my parents and I moved to Connecticut where I helped my dad in the ministry Transport for Christ which is a ministry to long haul truckers. I did that until I left for bible school in 1992 and attended bible until 1993 while still working with my dad in the Transport for Christ ministry. I moved to Sunny Crest Home in 1996 where I was able to work in dining hall counting donations and also worked in the kitchen I was able to gain a lot of skills during this time. In 2003 I started volunteering at Zerbe Sisters Nursing Center in the activities department and my favorite part of my duties there was leading devotions and also helping with activities, It was all fun. I began my career at Walmart in September of 2004 where I still currently work. I love working at Walmart because I enjoy all the benefits that they have to offer and I enjoy my job. Since 2004 I have only had to call off two times. I am also a greeter at my church which is High Point Baptist Chapel.

At Sunny Crest Home I serve as Resident Council President and have been in this position since 2011. I love the independence that I have living at Sunny Crest Home it enables me to have a job and an active social life at my church and in the community. I have lived at Sunny Crest for 18 years and have made some close friends who are now like family.


My favorite bible verse: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me