German pen friend visits Kutztown

Heidi Schroeder, Lenhartsville, right, received a visit from her German pen friend Anika, left.
Heidi Schroeder, Lenhartsville, received a visit from her German pen friend Anika. At Kutztown Tavern, left Anika, right Heidi. Back row left Ilka right Sheri Rice.

Fleetwood alumna Heidi Schroeder has a German pen friend she has been writing to since the 6th grade, about 17 years.

Heidi’s German teacher Mrs. Kutz from the Fleetwood School District gave her class pen friends as a class assignment. Heidi and Anika have kept in touch ever since.

Finally Aug. 6 they got to meet in person.

Anika Schmidt and her sister Ilka Schmidt, are visited while on vacation. They could only spend the day, since they have other places to see. Ilka will be meeting her pen friend in Ohio.


“Heidi took them shopping in Kutztown and we had lunch at the Kutztown Tavern. We all had such wonderful day,” wrote Heidi’s mother, Sheri Rice, Blandon.

Heidi is now living in Lenhartsville with her husband Randy. She works in Kutztown at Solo Labs.