Colebrookedale Elementary second-grade students share holiday traditions (Ms Cronin’s class)

Drawing by Steven Bidlow; opening presents is his favorite Christmas tradition.
Drawing by Steven Bidlow; opening presents is his favorite Christmas tradition. Submitted photos
Pamela Cronin’s second grade class at Colebrookedale Elementary School.
Pamela Cronin’s second grade class at Colebrookedale Elementary School.

Brice Bierbach: Opening presents is so fun. I am so excited for Christmas! The presents I want the most are Monster Jam Trucks. I really hope I get some!

Savannah Wood: My favorite part of Christmas is decorating. First, we get the tree out. Second, we decorate the tree and house. Finally, I have hot cocoa with chocolate chips and peanut butter pancakes. That’s my favorite Christmas tradition.

Veida Patterson: My favorite thing about Christmas is opening presents. I’m hoping that I get what I want this year. They are nun nuns. I would be so happy to get them. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Luca Galliano: My favorite part of Christmas is opening presents. I asked for Pokemon cards and Dino Chargers. I really hope I get them and I can play with them all day.


Steven Bidlow: Opening presents is my favorite Christmas tradition. Here is how my family does it. First, we wake up in the morning. Second, there are presents under the tree. Third, we take turns opening them and giving each other presents. Finally, we get dressed. Merry Christmas!

Antwoin Allen: My favorite part of Christmas is getting presents from Santa. I like to go help pick out the tree. I like to decorate our tree too. I use little balls. I put the star on the top. Then, we put lights on the top and bottom of the tree. We put the balls in the middle of the tree. Our tree always looks great!

Dylan Tamburino: My favorite part of Christmas is when my family and I open presents. First, my brother wakes me up. I open presents at my mom’s house and then I go to my dad’s house. Finally, I go to my mema’s house. This year I asked for a WiiU. Merry Christmas!

Evan Antonio: My favorite part of Christmas is putting up the lights. My dad helps put them on the roof. The lights are all different colors. They blink. We put lights on the trees and the bushes. I do it with my brothers. Finally, we go inside for cookies. My house looks awesome at Christmas!

Brianna Wyatt: My favorite part of Christmas is when we open Christmas presents. We celebrate Christmas as a family. We also open the advent calendar. The most important day is Christmas which is Jesus’s birthday. That’s how we celebrate Christmas. I hear Jingle bells Jingle bells!

Noah Naath: I love Christmas. First, I like the dinner we eat. Second, I like getting and giving presents. Third, I like to look at the Christmas tree. I can’t wait to open presents this year!

Sophia Izzo: We do many things together at Christmas. First, we open presents. Then, we get into the car and we look at people’s houses. Third, we go to my dad’s work and we see Santa. Forth, we make cookies and then we eat them when they are done baking. Decorating for Christmas is also fun!

Zac Montanaro: Every year my family wakes me up and we run down the stairs. My brother gives me the first present. Then, I get all of my other presents. After that, my mom gets her presents. Then, my dad gets his presents. My brother and grandparents get their presents last. That is how I celebrate Christmas.

Mason Kelsch: I do many fun things for Christmas. My favorite part is opening presents. We also hide the pickle on the tree. I feel so happy that Christmas is coming. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Oden Madaras: Every year my family finds my elf, Bobo. He usually hides in the kitchen, but I can always find him. We put up stockings and a Christmas tree. We also open Christmas cards that people send us. We open the advent calendar all the way until Christmas.

Evee Lis: My favorite part of Christmas is decorating! First, we have to decorate the tree. Then, we decorate the house with lights. Also, we put up window clings. Finally, we all go to bed and we wake up on Christmas morning and…..PRESENTS are under the tree! That is how we spend our Christmas.

Alena Baker: My favorite part of Christmas is when we open presents. After that, my family and I go to see my uncle in Pottstown. I love that my mom, dad, nanny, popop, and Cedric don’t have to work. Last year, I played the xbox. That’s why I like Christmas. Merry Christmas!

Madison Seiscio: My favorite part of Christmas is opening presents. Every year I get up super early and run downstairs to start opening my presents. Then, my mommy and daddy come down as we take turns opening. This year I really want a Bitty Baby and Volume two of Star Darlings. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

Izzy Quinn: Every year my family decorates the house. My family is my mom, dad, and sister. My sister and I open presents on Christmas day and everyone watches us. Then we eat breakfast. That’s what we do for Christmas. I hope you have a Merry Christmas too!

Connor Reinhart: My favorite part of Christmas is opening the first present. I am hoping to get a new tablet. I am giving my brother a special gift, and it is going to be very cool. I’m not going to tell you what it is though.

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These students are in Pamela Cronin’s second grade class at Colebrookdale Elementary. Next week students from Kimberly Mitchell’s class will share their favorite traditions.