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Cone-y Island comes to St. Francis Academy

By Martha Gehringer, For Digital First Media

Monday, June 5, 2017

Dairy Day at St. Francis Academy on June 2, featured new and trendy looks for ice cream cones.

Three teams, teachers, students, and alumni, made five triple-scooped cones and then made them unique. Fudge, sprinkles, jimmies, cherries and whipped cream were some of the options available to make the cones look their ‘sundae’ best.

St. Francis Academy became Cone-y Island for the day.

The teams were also tasked with delivering two-scooped cones to each member of their section of the audience. Any cone that was dropped in this chaotic delivery system was deducted from the team’s final score.

Bally’s Police Chief, Joseph Viola, was on hand to monitor and record the errant hand offs, splats, oops, and Oh No’s!

Dairy Day is the school’s celebration of the end of the school year as well as the national June is Dairy Month event. It is a contest between the teachers’ team, alumni team and students’ team which is comprised of two students from each grade, K through 8.

Prior to the contest, two members of the Berks County Dairy Princess team gave a presentation on why milk needs to be a part of the students’ dairy diets. The newly crowned Berks County Dairy Princess, Taylor Pool, and Malaina Rhoads, age 5, the Lil’Miss Dairy Princess from Robesonia and Barto respectively.

Pool said: “Dairy farmers are dedicated to providing a safe and wholesome dairy product to the consumer, while providing the best care for their cows, and being good stewards of the land.” She encouraged students to eat milk, cheese or yogurt for energy and a healthy diet.

Rhoads sang the song “If you’re happy and you know it” adapted with a dairy theme.

In the end, the judges split their decision declaring a tie between the students and alumni teams, praising their show cones.

Participating students included: Camille Fedchak, Matthew Kizer, Annie Schreiner, Xander Irwin, Greta Holmes, Benjamin Gabel, Mary Grace Camburn, Liam Conrad, Colleen Burr, Deacon Waltenbough, Kelly Ryan, John Homa, Avianna Conklin, Patrick Dela Rosa, Annika Snyder, Dawson Haas-Whalen, Giavonna Stevens, and Enrique Sanchez. Seminarian Mr. John Maria assisted the students.

Judges for the event included: Missy Pierson and Brittany Hockenbury from BB&T bank, Carol Beadencup and Logan Zuercher from Bally Block Company, Lorena Robbins from Maniere Meats, and the dairy princesses Poole and Rhoads.

Event sponsors include: BB&T bank, Bally Block Company, Manieri Meats, and Bob Hilbert Sportswear.