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Liquor Control partners with 4 Universities: Town-Gown Pilot Project aims to prevent underage and dangerous drinking on college campuses and in community

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board |


  • School boards

    Hamburg Area School District Superintendent’s resignation accepted

    After eight years at the helm, Hamburg Area’s top administrator has decided that it’s time for a change.

    By Arch Kurtz For 21st Century Media |

  • Arts and entertainment

    ReadingFilm presents free screening of Wyomissing High grad’s latest project

    ReadingFilm, a GoGreater Reading program, is pleased to announce the latest in its ever-growing list of free screening premieres of films shot in Greater Reading or by filmmakers with ties to Reading. The upcoming film, American Standard, is both.

    Go Greater Reading |

  • Opinion

    Small Beginnings: Christmas confessions, getting caught up in the commotion of the holiday

    I’m caught up in the middle of the hubbub. I’m shopping and frantically looking for the perfect gift for the people I love. I want them to have that WOW moment when they open the package and love what I got them. I don’t want to get my nephew socks and underwear. I want him to think I’m the coolest aunt in the world.

    By Lisa Schappell Columnist |

  • General news

    Hamburg’s From the Early Files

    25 Years Ago Dec. 27, 1989 >> Army Captain Thomas Muir, 29, was injured last week in the U.S. invasion of Panama. Captain Muir is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Muir, 100 Club House Drive, Bernville. A bullet pierced Muir’s helmet and struck his face. The serviceman suffered cheek and nose fractures and cuts that required 72 stitches.


  • Events

    Hamburg area calendar of events

    Recurring Centerport Lions Club: Jamming Sessions will be held every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. Music starts at 5:30 p.m. All musicians welcome.


  • Religion

    Hamburg area church calendar

    Salem-Berne United Methodist Church


  • Arts and entertainment

    Brinton Lodge hosts first Holiday Bizarre Bazaar

    Historic Brinton Lodge hosted their first annual Holiday Bizarre Bazaar which featured local vendors and artists who specialize in unique, handmade, weird, vintage, sexy, esoteric, eco-friendly, and fun crafts, goods, and services. In addition to over 25 vendors, there live entertainment kept the crowd watching as performers took it to the extreme, hammering nails up their noses and putting screwdrivers down their throats.

    By Berks-Mont staff |

  • General news

    Mind Your Body: A Perfect Time for Turning Inward

    Winter has arrived and the nights have grown longer. Along with increased darkness, there is more quietude. As we look around us, we see bare branches. Many plants have gone dormant, there are fewer birds about, and numerous animals hibernate or go into “light hibernation.” During winter we may sense stillness in nature: just think of a time when you have seen a fresh snowfall and felt a hush in the world.

    By Dorian Abel Columnist |

  • General news

    Miller-Keystone Blood Center Launching New Online Donor Screening Application

    Miller-Keystone Blood Center (MKBC) is pleased to announce the launch of iScreen, a secure, private way for donors to complete their donor history questionnaire. Starting on Tuesday, Jan. 6, iScreen will be used by donors to answer these questions in a private setting at a blood drive or donation center or online on the day of donation, prior to their arrival.

    Miller-Keystone Blood Center |

  • Opinion

    Reel Experiences with Robert Humanick: Intense musical-thriller ‘Whiplash’ earns its title

    For all intents and purposes, “Whiplash” is a monster movie -- it doesn’t exactly take place in reality. Concerning an ambitious young man at a renowned music college under the tutelage of a conductor whose technical excellence is outweighed only by his ruthlessness in weeding out imperfections in his students, this is a film that approaches musicianship much like “Gravity” approached space travel. The finer points, be they the laws of physics or the kind...

    By Robert Humanick Columnist |

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