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TV death watch: Is your favorite show in trouble?

By Chuck Barney Contra Costa Times |

‘Dancing With the Stars’: Too many changes ahead?

Get ready for some changes as Season 18 of “Dancing With the Stars” returns in all its glitter and sequin tonight. ...

Jacquie Oliverius San Jose Mercury News |


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    ‘The Bachelor’: And the final rose goes to…

    Juan Pablo Galavis, the former pro soccer player described by Entertainment Weekly as a “shallow, narrow-minded hunk of man meat,” brought a merciful end to perhaps the most controversial season in the history of “The Bachelor” Monday night when he made his choice between two remaining women.

    By Chuck Barney Contra Costa Times |

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    Aaron Paul’s career is shifting into overdrive

    SAN FRANCISCO — Steer clear of the obvious, and surprise not just your fans but yourself.

    By Randy Myers San Jose Mercury News |

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    Casting experts and unsung heroes of reality TV

    It’s a rarely-discussed fact of reality television: Before every Kardashian, Honey Boo Boo or Robertson, there was a casting director who thought they might be the perfect wacky character for TV.

    By Emily Yahr The Washington Post |

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    Justin Bieber’s Valentine’s Day date? Court

    By Meg Wagner Digital First Media |

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    Grammys broadcast flubs Cory Monteith tribute

    The Grammys on Sunday spelled Cory Monteith’s name wrong during its tribute to entertainment figures who passed away in 2013.

    By Tony Hicks Contra Costa Times |

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    ‘The Square’ filmmakers capture a revolution — and Oscar nomination

    NEW YORK — On a recent afternoon, Jehane Noujaim apologized as she paused during an interview to check her cellphone. The director of “The Square,” an inside-out immersion into the Egyptian revolution, wanted to make sure her producer, Karim Amer, was going to be able to get back into the country — his country — to see an ailing relative.

    By Steve Dollar The Washington Post |

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    Discovery’s ‘Klondike’: Then as now, misery at the bottom of the gold pan

    Climbing aboard the premium drama train, Discovery sticks to one of its favorite reality TV subjects for its first scripted miniseries — hunting for gold in the Yukon — and comes back with some promising flecks if not quite a mother lode.

    By Hank Stuever The Washington Post |

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    ‘Peter Pan’ will be NBC’s next live musical

    NBC announced its next live musical will be “Peter Pan,” airing Dec. 4, with the cast so far unknown but with award-winning executive producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron signed to produce.

    By Joanne Ostrow The Denver Post |

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    ‘Devil’s Due’: More silly than scary or startling (review)

    A “Rosemary’s Baby” for the “Paranormal Activity” generation, “Devil’s Due” uses the increasingly unimaginative found-footage gimmick to try to juice up the tired trope of a woman who is carrying a demonic fetus.

    By Michael O’Sullivan The Washington Post |

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    Kanye West punches 18-year-old at doctor’s office

    Kanye West apparently got into a scuffle Monday with an 18-year-old man in the waiting room of a chiropractor’s office, according to TMZ.

    By Tony Hicks Contra Costa Times |

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