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At The Movies With Rodeo Marie HansonKid reviewer gives 4 popcorn boxes for “Paddington” (Studio Canal)

Submitted by David Daniels |

Felicia Fisher’s Slice Of Life: Serving up chocolate...very hot

You simply can’t go wrong with chocolate and since Americans consume 2.8 BILLION pounds of it per year, it’s safe to say I’m not the only one who agrees with that sentiment. The irony of my extolling the virtues of chocolate is th...

By Felicia Fisher Columnist |


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    Ask Esther: Should I be concerned about a septic system inspection?

    I am planning to sell my home but have heard nightmare stories from coworkers concerning septic inspections. My home is about 40 years old but I have had no problems with my septic system. Should I be concerned about this?

    By Esther Prosser Columnist |

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    From the Item Editor: My trip back to the PA Farm Show

    Most of the time, thousands of people packed into one place, no matter how large, is not my preferred way to spend any spare time that I may have. Large crowds have never been my favorite thing and I tend to do just about anything I can to avoid them.

    Shea Singley

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    Small Beginnings: Untangling life in 2015

    Happy New Year! I know I’m a little late. The New Year is a few weeks old already and it’s as busy as last year and the year before that! What happened to that resolution about slowing things down and stopping to smell the roses? Long forgotten I daresay. Sigh. But the demands of life are great and therefore we rise to the occasion and meet them head on, so it goes in this post-modern twenty first century.

    By Lisa Schappell Columnist |

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    Reel Experiences with Robert Humanick: ‘Selma’ marches to greatness; ‘Still Alice’ takes the easy route

    “Still Alice” is likely three times the film it would be without its central performance – a tremendous turn by Julianne Moore, who adds texture and detail where the script often glosses over such. The film suffers from what might be described as Lifetime movie-ism: a tendency to simplify its subject matter, which is by definition very deep, and in turn resorting to easier emotional ploys. This kind of material is an emotional mine field, particularly for anyone who can...

    By Robert Humanick Columnist |

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    On the Record with Carol: Social Media and Tri County Record find a match

    My job in this column is to foster a closer relationship between the Tri County Record and the local people. In 2014 a variety of topics were shared here, some extending into the lives of those that reach out beyond our borders, and so it is with the diversity of this dance of life.

    By Carol Quaintance For 21st Century Media |

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    Focus on the Family: Grandparents want to help, not butt in, with new baby

    Question: How can grandparents help new parents without wearing out their welcome? I’m excited to play an active and positive role in my grandchild’s life, but I want to be careful to respect appropriate boundaries with my son and daughter-in-law.

    By Jim Daly Columnist |

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    What’s Cooking with Linda: Grab a soup mug of Shrimp, Potato & Corn Chowder, sit by the fire

    It’s time to put a movie on, light the fire place and grab a soup mug of this awesome Shrimp, Potato & Corn Chowder. Lenore Lasowecky, Fleetwood, shares this recipe for a hearty flavorful soup.

    By Linda Yuengel Columnist |

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    From Arthur’s Policy Desk: The Sin of Moral Equivalency

    On December 20th, two New York City Police Department officers, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, were sitting in their car and were ambushed and killed by a narcissistic murderer who later shot and killed himself. The murderer had posted on social media that he hated cops and that he was going to shoot some police officers in retaliation for the killings of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

    By Dr. Arthur H. Garrison, LP.D. Columnist |

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    A Look Back in History: The Importance of the Church & Faith in our Pennsylvania Dutch

    As we see our church numbers dwindle and only somewhat filling during the Christmas and Easter times, we need to take a step back and remember how strong religion and faith was to our ancestors driving them to pave the way and persevere in a new and unknowing with unparallel bravery in crossing the mighty Atlantic, and the tremendous hardship they faced in death of loved ones, cold, hunger, and doubt. Even if your heritage is not Pennsylvania Dutch, one can read, appreciate, and draw...

    By Richard L.T. Orth Columnist |

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    Letter from Fraternal Order of Police: Take time to support men & women in blue

    Dear Editor: January 9 is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, and the Fraternal Order of Police, Pennsylvania State Lodge, is asking every Pennsylvanian to take time to support our men and women in blue. While this day has been set aside, we appreciate your support any time.


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