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From Arthur’s Policy Desk: Trump’s Order and the Ninth Got it Wrong

By Dr. Arthur H. Garrison |

Reflections: Albert Boscov had a heart of gold and the golden touch of King Midas

The injection of energy and the infusion of personality that personified Albert Boscov were as remarkable as his marvelous accomplishments that will remain vivid in the folds of time. ...

By Mike Zielinski Columnist|


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    Pen Pals meet under unusual circumstances

    I got to know 96-year-old Mary Jane (Peters) Anderson when I lived in Fleetwood, in the early 1970s. We both attended St. Paul’s UCC Church. It was Mary Jane who took me “under her wing” by getting me involved in church activities. Even when I moved again, Mary Jane and I corresponded some 45 years.

    By Carole Christman Koch|

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    Reflections: January settles over us like a shroud and smothers us

    January, at least to me, is the worst month of the year. Indeed, it’s the ultimate meh month.

    By Mike Zielinski Columnist|

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    At the Movies with Rodeo’: Kid reviewer gives ‘Fantastic Beasts’ 4 popcorn boxes

    A companion piece to the “Harry Potter” film franchise. Writer Newt Scamander lands in early 1900’s New York, with a suitcase full of creatures in all sizes and shapes endowed with other-worldly powers. Action-adventure and fantasy are set on a collision course when these creatures break loose to make their presence known in the New York of yesteryear. It’s up to Newt to track them down and return them to his suitcase before they can wreak havoc on the...

    Submitted By David Daniels Columnist|

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    New Years greeting from Boyertown’s Mayor Deery

    2016 was an exciting and nostalgic year! Boyertown celebrated its 150th birthday with fun and memorable events throughout the year. No snow for the holidays but I am sure 2017 will take care of that!


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    A Look Back: How PA Dutch Are You: Did you eat your good luck pork and sauerkraut on New Year’s Day?

    This folk practice still creates a yearning, especially among our older folk people and those still appreciative of our heritage and a good, hot Pennsylvania Dutch meal. Many Dutch families over the generations and years never forget this dish on New Year’s Day and eagerly partake in the consumption of pork and sauerkraut. In Berks and Lehigh counties, natives raised and ate a huge quantity of potatoes and cabbage that was also a common and cheap dish eagerly eaten by the farming...

    By Richard L.T. Orth|

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    PERSON TO PERSON – IMPACT: Dear Diary - 2016

    It would have been great if someone had engrained in me as a child to keep a diary during my life. No, I wouldn’t have to be a huge success to make it interesting. If nothing else, it might have been something I could leave to my kids in case at a certain point in time they wondered about my thoughts, where I lived, what was involved in my work, my interests, my successes and my failures. I already know it made a huge impact on them when I told them I had to go to summer school for...


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    Think About It: Farewell, Dear Friends, Farewell

    “Goodbyes are not forever; goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you, until we meet again.” — Anonymous


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    Through My Kitchen Window: Baking with children, challenging but fun

    When I think about this column entitled Through My Kitchen Window, I envision people looking through my kitchen window while I bake. I wonder what they would see.

    Lisa Mitchell

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    Think about it: Becoming a full-time member of AARP

    “At age 20, we worry about what others think of us. At age 40, we don’t care what they think of us. At age 60, we discover they haven’t been thinking of us at all.” — Ann Landers


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    Welcome to my world : The Hands of my Family

    Farm Woman Written by Mary Alice Kohler Christman

    By Carole Christman Koch Columnist|

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