Honey Brook sewage ordinance will not be intrusively enforced

To the editor,

I am writing this to alleviate fears by township residents concerning the new ordinance concerning sewage systems in Honey Brook Township.

The state dictates that we have a sewage ordinance in place, but it does not dictate how it must be enforced. The current board of supervisors composed of myself, John McHugh and Tracy Olsen, unlike past supervisors, does not believe government should be intrusive.

We have eliminated two ordinances and modified several others. The sewage ordinance is no exception. It will be enforced only when there is a legitimate complaint. Then the owner will be given time to correct the situation. It is called reactive governance. No one in this township government will go out and seek to write up a zoning violation. This board of supervisors will not allow it!

I would invite anyone with questions regarding the township to attend our town hall meeting at the township building in December. These meetings are the work of John McHugh and allow for informal discussions about many subjects, such as my initiative in creating a task force to study the pros and cons of a regional police force, Johns work on the website, Tracys work on the Food Cupboard and our combined work as a team.


We have not seen this type of cohesion among supervisors in many years, but we need the communitys input in order to create a description of problems and then work together to alleviate them. So please come to a meeting that has none of the official aura of a regular board of supervisors meeting.

Joe Fenstermacher

Township Supervisor